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The analysis warns that a 10 per cent increase in council tax is necessary to stay ‘steel-stand’ without government vaccinations.

A 10% increase in council tax will be required without any immediate government cash injection, just for permission. Social care “Stand still,” according to a new analysis.

In a strong warning. رشی سنک۔ A fortnight before the autumn spending review, UK age He said the chancellor’s decision would “determine whether social care services are withering and dying”.

The money the government plans to raise from the National Insurance surplus will go primarily to the NHS over the next three years, the charity said, adding that it would make social care “in dire need of funds”. Will go

At the Conservative Party conference Mr Sink did not order further increase in council tax bills. To pay for social care – a problem. Boris Johnson Promised to “fix”.

Age UK, which is pushing for funding from the central government, agrees with the recent view of the Health and Social Care Select Committee, proposing میں 3.9 billion in annual funding for social care by 2023-24. Should increase

According to the charity’s own analysis, if Mr Sink tries to fill the gap by allowing the authorities to raise the bill, the council tax will need to be increased by 10% next year.

The organization also warns that the cash collected will be “extremely unequal” across the country, accelerating the “postcode lottery that already affects social care.”

Caroline Abrahams, Edge UK’s charity director, said: “For millions of elderly and disabled people, social care needs a big injection of additional funding now and in the next few years – but it must come from the central government. No massive increase in council tax

“Our new analysis shows that even if you pay locals 10% of the council tax overall – above the average increase of 19% in recent years – it still won’t provide social care. Is.”

He added: “For many people, the provision of social care is very important because its fate depends on local politics and local tax bases.”

A. Previous analysis of the Local Government Association (LGA) Warns that the council may have to raise taxes to cover the black hole in the care system, claiming that the authorities will have to bear an additional cost of about 8 billion euros by 2024/5. ” Only to continue important local services at today’s level. ”

And last week, the Institute for Government, a respected think tank, said. The sector will need billions more pounds and council taxes will increase significantly.

Ms Abraham added: “The stakes are high. [Mr Sunak’s] Decisions will determine whether social care services continue to wither and die, just about standing still, or more hopefully, strengthening over the next three years.

“It was a prime minister who promised to honor older people through his social care reforms – a noble goal – but now it’s up to the chancellor to decide who we are.” Will they move or not? ”

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