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The astronaut’s image shows a huge blue flash in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Lightning blue۔

Of Blue Flash, seen in this photo taken by a French astronaut. Thomas Pesket.

Last week, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station was struck by lightning. On Europe. But unlike most electricity, it. Lightning strike There was not a group of smooth tendrils but a big blue bubble on the continent.

Temporary luminous event, ” Such an upper atmospheric lightning is known in a time lapse taken by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet. This to arrange It looks like lightning Different from brightness What happens In and out of storm clouds. And care To be huge.

There are sprites, which are vertical, very high flashes of red or blue-green light. Jets, which are blue in color and in the stratosphere. And elves, which are very high electromagnetic pulses. There are also Troll, Which are like jets, and other magically bright types of lightning above the clouds.

The colors of different phenomena are in the form of atmosphere. On Earth, nitrogen shows sprouts red, but on Jupiter, a hydrogen-rich atmosphere. Will turn sprites blue.

From 2018, ASIM experience These forms of giant lightning aboard the ISS have been observed. it is The successor to the first THOR experiment was suggested by Danish astronaut Andreas Mogansen, who captured blue jets and red spirits on a video over the Bay of Bengal in 2015.

These forms of electricity are unusually short, so researchers had to go back to Moganson’s footage frame by frame to select specific phenomena. Similarly, Pescott’s recent temporary luminous event was photographed from a long time in the night sky.

In a caption for New image Posted online“The ISS is well positioned to photograph such phenomena, as it flies over the equator, where there are more torrential rains,” Pesket noted. This special event happened somewhere in southeastern Italy, as the picture shows.

“What’s interesting about this celestial lightning is that only a few decades ago it was secretly spotted by pilots and scientists didn’t believe it really existed,” he wrote. “Some years go by fast and we can confirm the elves, and the spirits are very real and can affect our climate too!”

More such observations. Sure to come And discover more about these wonderful ones. Natural phenomena, so wonderful that they need supernatural names.

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