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The ASU Division visits Utah on the brink of control.

It feels like a rush for a Mac or break game, but a similar situation is emerging in the South Division of PAC12 this week when Arizona State visited Utah.

If ASU wins, the race is over. The Sun Devils will have a significant advantage over their close pursuers with manageable schedules and tie-breaker benefits, whose schedules are not so manageable.

Here is the situation:

-ASU (5-1 / 3-0) and Utah (3-2 / 2-0) are the only teams without a loss in the conference play.

– With Saturday’s victory, the Sun Devils will take a one-game lead in the loss column. And The advantage of a head-to-head tiebreaker is only one team with one loss.

– Effectively, the Sun Devils will have two games on both Utah and UCLA (4-2 / ​​2-1).

And that the two-game lead stretch will work hand-in-hand with a run schedule that gives ASU plenty of opportunities to strengthen its grip on the division.

How many chances

For insights, the hotline turned to an expert: Kenny White, A sports line analyst and legend in the sports gambling industry.

White is the former head of Las Vegas Sports Consultants, a highly influential group that sets the opening lines for casino use. He also publishes. Power rating And a data-packed college football magazine.

We asked White to fix the difficulties for each of the other ASU games.

In return, he not only provided the odds but also the chances to win and estimate the final score, all based on his analysis:

Opponent: In Utah.
ASU point spread: +2.5.
Chance to win ASU: 42.9.
Last score: Utah 27, ASU24.

Opponent: vs. Washington State.
ASU point spread: -19.5.
Chance to win ASU: 91.5.
Last score: ASU 37, Washington State 17.

Opponent: vs. USC.
ASU point spread: -11.
Chance to win ASU: 78.1.
Last score: ASU 35, USC 24.

Opponent: In Washington
ASU point spread: +2.
Chance to win ASU: 44.3.
Last score: Washington 23, ASU 21.

Opponent: In the state of Oregon.
ASU point spread: -3.5.
Chance to win ASU: 59.7.
Last score: ASU 31, Oregon State 28.

Opponent: vs. Arizona
ASU point spread: -28.5.
Chance to win ASU: 97.7.
Last score: ASU 35, Arizona 9.

Well, the three road games are tough.

Utah received a quarterback and was successfully identified at the USC last weekend. Washington’s defense at the conference is excellent. Oregon State is a moving game.

And tours of the Pacific Northwest come back every week in November, when the weather can be hospitable to desert dwellers.

But note the spread: Surreal Devils are a minor favorite in Corollas and tight underdogs in Salt Lake City and Seattle.

All three are basically toss-ups.

Also, ASU doesn’t need to run the table until they beat Utah this week.

Win the week, and the Sun Devils will need victories in four of their last five games. They will be a heavy favorite in three, a narrow favorite in one and a minor underdog in one.

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