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The Banksey cut painting sells for more than million 18 million at the Sutbi auction.

A. Banksy The painting was bought at auction for .5 18.5 million three years after it was torn to pieces.

Funny work of a street artist. Love is in the box Sotby sold for 16 16 million on Thursday (October 14th), with a minimum buyer fee of 2 2 million.

Its price is higher than expected and it will attract bids between m 4m and 6m.

The auction house said the price was a record for Banksy – known for stenciling paintings on walls around the world that often made socio-political points.

Her painting, originally titled Girl with a Balloon, sold for 1 1.1 million in 2018 at the same auction house.

The canvas painting shows a small child moving towards a heart-shaped red balloon, a painting that was originally hung on a wall in east London in 2002.

As soon as it was sold, the canvas began to slip under the frame and hit itself with the sound of a siren. Schrader stopped about halfway through the canvas, but Banksy reportedly said he intended to tear it to pieces.

Sotby said he had no prior knowledge of Schreider’s existence, but said it was “the first artwork in history to be made live during the auction.”

Immediately after the sale, Banksy’s representatives disabled Schrader, but left the mechanics in the frame. He then changed the name of the work from Girl to Balloon to In Bun.

Banksy allegedly said he devised a self-destruct method if the work was ever put up for auction.

Alex Brunswick, chairman of Sotby Asia’s Modern and Contemporary Art, said: “It’s been almost three years since one of the most outstanding moments in performance art in this century made auction history.

“It’s about following the legendary piece’s journey and putting it back between us, presenting it tonight in the same room that the artist made it.

“Banksy is no stranger to making headlines, and this latest chapter of his story has engulfed the imagination around the world – we can only begin to guess what might happen next.”

Mr Brankszak also said that the Auto District Assistant did not destroy any artwork by tearing it to pieces, but created one.

Auto district art is a form of art that originated in England in the late 1950s, and was used by its pioneer-artist and Jewish refugee Gustave Metzger to describe the horrors of pre-World War II and its aftermath. To be expressed.

In March, Banksy raised more than m 16 million for health projects through a game changer auction, a hand-painted portrait of a boy playing with superhero dolls.

While Batman and Spider-Man are in what appears to be a junk paper bin, the boy is disguised as a masked nurse.

Banksy donated the painting to University Hospital Southampton in May 2020 during the first wave of the epidemic.

It went up for auction 10 months later, and its proceeds went to hospitals and other health groups across the country.

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