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The Big Bays want to let you know about the Texas government’s ban on Greg Abbott’s wax mandates.

Just a day after the release of Greg Abbott of the Texas government. Executive order Necessarily preventing businesses and other private entities in his state. COVID-19 vaccination For employees, many large companies have said they would violate the ban and instead follow federal guidelines.

Texas-based companies, including American Airlines, Southwest and Dell Technologies, said they were still planning, with some exceptions, to require employees to comply with federal laws under federal agreements and Vaccinated.

Curtis Blessing, a spokesman for American Airlines, which is headquartered in Texas, told the Daily Beast in a statement on Tuesday that the airlines would “review” Abbott’s order but would not change the company’s currency on the vaccine. ۔

“We are reviewing the executive order issued by Government Abbott, but we believe that the federal vaccine mandate replaces any conflicting state laws, and that does not change anything for Americans.” ”

Dell Technologies spokeswoman Emily Lederman also told the Daily Beast in a statement that the company plans to reopen the rest of its sites from January next year – and that its US-based teams will continue to support federal agreements. .

“As part of our reopening strategy and keeping in mind our first vision of health and safety, from January 4 we will implement a new policy to vaccinate anyone who enters our premises. Or do weekly Quad 19 rapid testing. ” Leader Mann wrote in an email. He said the company would allow any employee or contractor who “faces challenges with the policy” to have the option to work remotely.

The companies’ statements came after Abbott announced Monday that: “No company in Texas can collect the Covid 19 vaccine from an individual, including an employee or a user, who objects to any vaccine based on personal conscience.” Performs recovery on a religious belief, or for medical reasons, including before quaid 19.

Acknowledging in a news release Monday that corona virus vaccines are “safe, effective and our best defense against the virus,” Abbott said they should not be necessary for Texas.

The order is a direct challenge to President Biden’s efforts to increase vaccination in the US workforce.

In September, Biden ordered the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to draft a new rule that would make it possible to enforce vaccine requirements.

Abbott’s contradictory order has left some companies embarrassed to respond to dissenting messages when Biden said his administration would put pressure on private companies that have more than 100 employees in need of vaccinations or weekly testing.

Southwest Airlines said in a statement that it was aware of Abbott’s mandate but that Biden’s “federal action was beyond any state mandate or law, and that as a federal contractor we would expect the president’s order to be complied with.” Will

IBM, one of the largest tech employers in the state, made a similar argument, stating that as a federal contractor it must meet federal requirements and that it still “Employees of federal contractors will be instructed to administer the full vaccine against covid” – by December 8, 19 or obtain medical or religious accommodation.

“We will continue to protect the health and safety of IBM employees and customers, and we will continue to comply with federal requirements,” the company said.

On Monday, Abbott, who has become a GOP ringleader in opposition to public health measures to control the corona virus, accused Biden of “forcing many private entities to implement the Covid 19 vaccine mandate.” Has given. ”

The White House said Tuesday that Abbott and other Republican governors who have sought to counter progress in vaccinating American workers are “putting politics ahead of public health.”

During a White House press briefing Tuesday afternoon, Secretary of State Jane Psaki said that more than 700,000 Americans have died as a result of Covid 19.

“Every leader must focus on saving lives and eradicating the epidemic,” Saki said. “Why are you taking steps that prevent lives from being saved which makes it difficult to save lives across the country or in any state?”

Patrick Sutter, a professor of health law at Baylor University and a lawyer for Gray Reid, told the Daily Beast on Tuesday that the ruling could be a “big headache” for companies operating in states outside of Texas.

“This is in conflict with a federal executive order, and federal law will generally repeal state law,” he added. It would not surprise me at all if a lawsuit was being drafted at the moment.


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