The bride and groom serve a wall of potato chips to wedding guests: ‘Paradise’

A bride and groom discovered a unique way to treat guests at their wedding after a wall serving made entirely of bags of potato chips.

The best weddings are the ones that serve as a reflection and celebration of the happy couple’s union and shared personality.

As wedding planner Diana Lynn explained to The Knot, it’s about creating something that comes from the heart. “Don’t think about what’s generic or traditional, but think about what makes your day unique,” she said.

Potato Chop Wall – Philip and Michelle had a similar look online but never on this scale.
Michelle O’Mahony

UK couple Philip and Michelle O’Mahony were determined to remember their big day as COVID forced them to annul their marriage on two previous occasions.

Desperate to do something fun on the budget, Michelle O’Mahony says newsweek He hit upon the idea of ​​building a wall of potato chips featuring the flavors and types “you had as a kid that you don’t always see in stores today.”

Combining nostalgia with good old-fashioned snacking, the resulting performance proved to be popular not only with guests at their wedding reception in the East Midlands, but among many thousands on social media as well.

The demonstration went viral on Twitter after Sarhjane792 posted a photo online, sent by a friend in attendance.

At the time of writing, the post has garnered over 1,800 retweets and over 42,000 likes, with many praising the couple for coming up with a way to keep guests engaged.

“What a great idea,” wrote Diane Palmer. “The weddings I’ve been to, some picturesque spot for the bride and groom **** photos, keeping guests hanging for hours… a chip wall might just deter an attempt at cannibalism.”

Mark_oc agreed, writing: “What a great idea,” while Supertensky admitted: “I’ll eat them all.” Chris McGurgan thought it was “genius”, lamenting Mattcox15: “Well, I thought I had the perfect wedding day but now I see it was missing something.”

Danielle Moss described it as “absolute heaven”, with Chris McIntyre dubbing it “the stuff dreams are made of…”.

Not everyone was certainly enamored with the idea of ​​a chip wall.

BrixtonBobbyBob criticized the couple for serving “greasy, salty junk food” instead of canapés or something healthy, while FeelingAnti said: “A magician would have been more memorable and probably wouldn’t have been more expensive.”

Chloe Jones thought it was “awesome” and better suited for a “kids party”, while Stephen Kelly commented: “Dear me, the wedding fandom has really waned since I went to a wedding last time. Was.”

However, there were few critics, most of whom expressed delight at the idea.

Michelle O’Mahony told newsweek He got the idea after seeing someone doing something similar on the internet but not on this scale. “Just wanted something for the guests while enjoying the evening after a day of festivities,” she said. “Who doesn’t love a bag of chips.

“Everyone loved it, it was at the far end of the room so initially I don’t think people realized what it was. It was full for most of the evening but as night drew to a close, the guests returned Cleared the wall to go. Go to hotel rooms and have a party.”

Michelle said she learned it had gone viral the next morning while chatting with her departing guests. He didn’t believe it at first—then the messages flooded in. “My phone is going crazy with sending links to all the pages where it’s being shared,” she said.

Michelle And Philip O'Mahony At Their Wedding.
The couple was forced to postpone their wedding twice – with Michelle and Philip O’Mahony (centre) two of the wedding guests.
Michelle O’Mahony

She said she was pleased with the response and laughed at critics, explaining that while canapé was not offered in their wedding venue, there was plenty of food available for those who didn’t want potato chips.

“We had a salty salty bar when the guests arrived. We had a three course dinner. A sweet table, donut wall and an evening buffet with wedding cakes,” she said. “Obviously it’s not all cucumber sticks and carrots, but that’s what it’s like to treat yourself to an evening.”

Incredibly, Michelle didn’t even have a bag of potato chips herself, though she did note that “the scampi fries and pork scrunchies were popular.”

After all, he has no regrets.

“Weddings are expensive so it’s important to try and do things you’ll remember. We’ll never forget it now that it’s gone viral. It’s a great thing from our wedding, though I can’t believe I snack I’m excited,” she said.

The frame that once contained the chips now also takes pride of place in his house – as a display of the many cards he received from attendees.

A Crisp Display Frame
A Potato Chip Display Frame – The frame has now been transformed into a one place for all their wedding cards
Michelle O’Mahony

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