The Bride ‘Sithing’ Over Wedding Cake That Looks Nothing Like Her Order

A newlywed woman has recalled the moment her wedding cake arrived late, when it was left “crumbled”, looking nothing like what she had ordered.

The occasion of weddings can be frightening for everyone involved. In the case of a recently married woman, she did the best she could; She kept calm and kept going. Now, looking back several months, she’s even been able to laugh about the situation—presumably to avoid crying.

In a 1 million views video on TikTok, a woman posting as Just.a.sara compared a picture of a wedding cake to a picture she thought was getting the cake that was her big one. came on the day. clip can be viewed Here,

As shown in the first photo, she originally envisioned serving a multi-tiered cake consisting of three layers of sugar-glazed donuts sitting on the bottom of a traditional-looking white frosted wedding cake.

That’s what she was expecting. However, as shown in the video, the reality was markedly different, with the so-called Wedding Cake volume being little more than a sparkling white macaroon, surrounded by about a dozen glazed donuts and a few random chocolate ones.

According to their comments on the post, the not-happy couple paid “more than $250” for the cake at their wedding, which took place back in December, because they “didn’t have to worry about it.”

However, when her big day arrived, the baker who made the cake “just dropped the stuff” and “ran away.” It was soon discovered that the three-tiered stand she had come with for the cake was broken and needed to be replaced.

Worse yet, the caterer delivered the cake “an hour and a half late” and everyone was already seated for the reception. Cake.

This, in turn, forced the bride and groom to “postpone” the entry into their own wedding ceremony. “My best friend ended up decorating it because the lady basically dropped everything in the boxes and ran away,” said the disappointed bride.

Although she said she was initially “furious” by mistake, she knew she had to “let it go” because she didn’t want to “ruin” their marriage. “At the end of the day, I married my best friend,” she wrote, though she admitted that she “refused to see it” when it came time to cut the cake.

The new bride said the mistake was particularly disappointing because she had read “more than a dozen positive wedding reviews on Facebook” that recommended Baker. One silver lining, at least, was that he got a full refund for the cake.

On social media, many were taken aback at the disparity between what was ordered and what was delivered.

“It’s not even close!” Written by gcgurl. “And honestly, it’s a simple cake and just a ton of donuts!!” Mare Quinlan Bryant was similarly surprised, commenting: “How could she look at that sample photo and then what did she do, and think they’re the same?!?!??”

TheSavyScot was equally confused. “She literally had to make a white cake,” he said. “The rest was just shopping.” Kaylee.dawn, meanwhile, asked: “Did you cry?? I would have cried” while llbbob wondered: “Did he drop the original or something and that was all in his hand?”

Elsewhere, Alison Gilbert confessed that when the video debuted she thought “no one can mess it up” and that the bride was likely to be “extremely serious and high maintenance” — but then she saw the cake.

Commenting on the video, Sara concluded that after all in a marriage “there will always be something wrong”. “Just focus on what really matters: getting married.”

newsweek Contacted just.a.sara for comment.

Stock Images of a Bride and a Wedding Cake – A woman has revealed the massive cake she paid $250 for.
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