The Celtics dropped to third in the rankings with the loss, but several scenarios remain.


The Celtics still have a 2-seed way to go.

Greeley Tribune Celtics coach Ime Udoka watches during the first half of an NBA basketball game in Milwaukee. AP Photo/Mori Gush

The Celtics lost to the Bucks on Thursday, but they still have several possible scenarios in the standings.

Thursday’s results bad Eastern Conference Standings In the chaos because the 76ers also fell on the Raptors, so let’s try to solve everything as best we can.

  • The Heat won the 1-seed.
  • The Bucks (50-30) took a half-game lead over the Celtics with two games to go. The Celtics (50–31) dropped to third place with a game to spare. The 76ers (49-31) lost to the Raptors and now trail the Bucks by a game and the Celtics by half a game.
  • The Celtics and Bucks both own their tiebreakers over the Sixers.
  • The Celtics and Bucks are yet to work on their tiebreaker. If the Bucks go 2-0 against the Cavaliers and Pistons, they won’t need a tiebreaker. If they go 1–1, and the Celtics also beat the Grizzlies in the standings, both teams would have the same record against Eastern Conference teams, and a tiebreaker would go up to the best record against Eastern Conference playoff opponents. The Celtics sewed it up.
  • Any loss to the Sixers guarantees that they cannot finish more than 4. Meanwhile, the Raptors have a long chance of getting a home-court advantage in the first round, as determined by. Action Network’s Matt Moore,
  • The Sixers ended their season against the Pistons and Pacers.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the possible scenarios.

Celtics win, Bucks 2-0

2. Rs (52-30)

3. Celtics (51-31)

The Celtics claim either a 3-seed or through their tiebreaker against the Sixers. Raptors can be 4-seed here.

Celtics win, Bucks 1-1

2. Celtics (51-31)

3. Rs (51-31)

The Celtics claim the 2-seed via their tiebreaker (which, in this scenario, is the record against Eastern Conference playoff opponents). The Bucks either claim the 3-seed outright or via a tiebreaker.

If the Raptors go 2-0 and the Sixers 0-2, the Raptors are 4-seed here.

Celtics win, Bucks 0-2, Sixers 2-0

2. Celtics (51-31)

3. Sixers (51-31)

4. Box (50-32 .)

It doesn’t feel particularly likely, but stranger things have happened — the Celtics get a 2-seed by virtue of their tiebreaker over the Sixers, who climb the Bucks.

Celtics lose, Bucks go 2-0, Sixers go 2-0

2. Rs (52-30)

3. Sixers (51-31)

4. Celtics (50-32)

Sunday’s game against the Grizzlies is what really counts.

Celtics lose, Bucks go 1-1, Sixers go 2-0

2. Rs (51-31)

3. Sixers (51-31)

4. Celtics (50-32)

The Bucks and Sixers will end up with the same better record as the Celtics, but the Bucks have a tiebreaker.

Celtics lost, Bucks went 0-2, Sixers went 2-0

2. 76ers (51-31)

3. Rs (50-32)

4. Celtics (50-32)

Here’s a real chaos version. The Sixers will end the season with the best record of three. Meanwhile, the Celtics and Bucks were tied. However, as the Sixers advance up the standings and claim the Atlantic Division, the Bucks – also their division winners – will climb up to third and the Celtics to fourth.

Celtics lose, Bucks go 1-1, Sixers go 0-2, Raptors go 2-0

2. Rs (51-31)

3. Celtics (50-32)

4. Raptors (49-33)

5. Sixers (49-33)

The Raptors deserve a lot of credit for rolling around all season and giving themselves a real chance at home-court advantage.

Celtics lose, Bucks 0-2, Sixers 1-1

2. Celtics (50-32)

3. Rs (50-32)

4. Sixers (50-32)

This is the only scenario that ends in a three-way tie, which we outlined on Wednesday.

We’ll have some answers almost immediately: The Bucks play the Pistons on Friday nights at 7 p.m. on NBA TV.

The Sixers play the Pacers on Saturdays and the Pistons on Sundays.

The Celtics and the Grizzlies ends Sunday at 7 p.m. on TNT.

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