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The chances of the SF giants beating the Dodgers are slim.

SAN FRANCISCO – As the historic NLDS changes from San Francisco to Los Angeles, the Giants’ chances of overtaking the Dodgers now depend on a Belpen who posted the lowest ERA (2.99) this season. Is.

If the pitch crew’s performance in the 9-2 Game 2 loss that draws the series is an indication of what’s going to happen, the Giants’ October run could end sooner than they expected.

After right-hander Kevin Gossman was ruled out of Saturday’s game in the sixth inning, reliever Dominic Lyon allowed three straight Dodger batsmen to reach the base, including Cody Bellinger and AJ Pollock, Los Angeles’ No. 7 and No. 8. Hutters are included, each of whom doubles the first pitch. .

Lyon was one of manager Gabe Kepler’s most reliable relievers this year and was the pitcher who had the opportunity to record the last three outs of the regular season, but he faced quick command issues in his playoff debut and the Dodgers Allowed to take commanding lead. .

During the regular season, another reliable right-handed player, Zack Little, missed Saturday’s game in the eighth inning as he gave Will Smith the lead of the home run before allowing three more singles for the first time in the playoffs. ۔

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