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The child sued the school district following the COVID-19 agreement.

WUKISHA, Wes (AP) – A parent has filed a lawsuit in the southeastern Wisconsin School District after his son signed a COVID-19 contract with a classmate.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Shannon Jensen filed a lawsuit against the Wuxa School District and School Board in federal court October 5.

In May, the board removed student masks and other COVID-19 mitigation measures, according to the lawsuit. A classmate of Jensen’s son came to school in September with symptoms and did not wear a mask. Jensen’s son was sitting next to a sick student wearing a mask, but he still contracted the infection. Jensen’s other two sons later tested positive.

School Board President Joseph Como declined to comment on the case.

Menukova brewing company Super PAC is financing the lawsuit. The wine company is owned by Kirk Bangstead, which broadcast its frustrations over how former President Donald Trump’s administration responded to the epidemic. He failed against current Republican Rep. Rob Swerringen.

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