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The court said the Ohio GOP governor could be questioned under oath in the Jerry Mendering case.

A new Ohio Supreme Court ruling has ruled that Gov. Mike Devine (R), Senate President Matt Huffman, and other members of the Ohio District Commission could be questioned as part of the affidavit. Is.

The court delivered its verdict on Thursday, October 7. Lawyers for the commission members will have until Tuesday to respond to the plaintiff’s questions and requests for documents. Reports Columbus Dispatch.

According to Columbus Dispatch, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yust (R) جوwhich is representing Ohio officials including De Vine, Secretary of State Frank La Rose, and Auditor of State Keith Faber کے Withdrew. Lawyers representing Huffman and House Speaker Bob Cup (R) argued that the cooperation of their clients was not needed as part of the investigation.

Per Columbus Dispatch:

The court, consisting of four Republicans and three Democrats, will allow lawyers to jointly submit one to each Republican member of the Ohio District Commission: Gov. Mike Devine, Senate President Matt Huffman, House Speaker Bob Cup. , Secretary of State Frank LaRoze, and Auditor of State Keith Faber. Deposits are limited to two hours and are due by October 21.

The ruling follows lawsuits against the commission against several groups, including the Ohio Women’s Voters League and the National Redistricting Action Fund. Plaintiffs are accusing the Ohio panel of “unconstitutional maneuvering in the drawing and approval of maps that preserves Republican supremacy in both houses.”

The cases also highlight several contradictions with the maps. “The lawsuit argues that the maps do not correspond to the statewide preferences of voters, a requirement added to the constitution in 2015,” the publication writes. The turnout in the recent state elections averaged 54 Republicans and 46 Democrats, while approved maps gave Republicans between 67 and 69 legislative seats.

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