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The court said the six-year-old boy was allegedly killed by his father and his accomplice.

A witness told the court that a six-year-old boy was allegedly killed by his father and partner after months of torture, his legs were shaking and he had been hit by a car the day before.

Arthur Labingo Hughes’ father, Thomas Hughes, 29, and his partner Emma Teston, 32, are accused of abusing the boy before suffering an “incredible” brain injury at their home on Cranmore Road. سولہول۔, West Midlands., On June 16, 2020.

Arthur died at the hospital the next day. Mr Hughes and Mr Tuston have denied the allegations.

Coventry Crown Court judges were told that the adult couple turned the young man around to shout “like a game of tennis” as he was standing in front of the door.

Giving evidence on the sixth day of the couple’s trial, Ms. Tustin’s hairdresser, Catherine Milnech, said she wanted to call the police after seeing Arthur on June 15 and 16.

Ms Milinch, who works from home and cut Ms Tustin’s hair for the first time in the summer of 2019, said she met Arthur later this year and that she was “perfectly fine, healthy, a normal boy.” It seemed.

Explaining her hair appointment at her home in February 2020, Ms. Milinch said of Arthur: “He was still there, I would say, looking healthy but not happy.

“She was made to sit with her hands on her knees (on the baby’s desk and chair) and did not move.”

“I just thought she was clearly naughty at home. You don’t want your child to misbehave when you go to other people,” she told the court.

Responding to questions from Prosecutor Jonas Hankin QC, Ms. Milinch said that in a six-hour haircut on June 15, 2020, Ms. Tustin told Arthur to stand up and face the front door.

Mr Hanken asked Ms Milinch: “How was she all the time she was in your house? [Ms Tustin] Conversation with Arthur?

The witness replied: “Tell him to stand up, not to lean on the door, to face the door … not to move.”

Ms Tilston then went to the bathroom to wash her hair, adding that she was made to come upstairs and face another door upstairs, adding that she trusted him. Can not be done.

Asked about Arthur’s condition during the visit, Ms. Milinch said: “It’s bad. You can see the collar bones. Could see sticking.

“I didn’t remember the last time. He lost weight.”

Using the phrase “like a skeleton” to force Arthur’s condition to make her think, Ms Milinch said the boy looked dry and weak, adding: “It didn’t look good.

“His legs must be trying to climb the stairs, as if he couldn’t hold himself back.”

What happened when Hughes arrived at her home to pick up Ms. Tustin, Ms. Milinch added: “He parked my drive. Tom was with him. [Arthur] He swept her out.

“I remember Arthur falling to the floor. He just fell and fell into the car.

The court heard that Ms. Tuston arrived at 9.45am on June 16 and returned to complete her haircut.

During the visit, Ms. Milinch said Ms. Tuston and Mr. Hughes were constantly swearing at Arthur “like a game of tennis,” and Ms. Tustin claimed that Arthur was “signaling pressure.”

Ms Milinch said she had suggested Arthur be sent to live with his grandmother, but was told he would do whatever he wanted and let her win.

The court was also told that Millionaire’s partner, Tobias German, watered Arthur without Ms Tuston and Mr Hughes.

Mr Germain, who said Arthur looked “malnourished” and had cracked lips, told the court: “I tried to convince him. I said, ‘You have to scare me in any way. There is no need.

“He looked nervous. It wasn’t the usual gleam you see in the eyes of a child this age.

“It was as if there was fear.”

The trial is ongoing.

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