Officials canceled the rescue at around 6:45 PM

Crews attempted to save the Shoebert seal from Shoe Pond in Beverly on Thursday. JOSH REYNOLDS FOR THE WORLD OF BOSTON

On Thursday, firefighters and other officials tried to save Shoebert, a gray seal that showed up at Beverly’s Shoe Pond over the weekend. However, they were not successful.

The video from the scene shows people from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on the edge of a pond with a giant handheld net and other equipment.

Boston 25 news reporter Litsa Pappas he wrote on Twitter that the Beverly Animal Protection and Fire Department was also involved in the rescue operation.

By 18:45 Crews had still not rescued Shoebert and had given up their efforts for that day, in line with WHDH Reporter Victoria Price.

It is unclear if and when they will try again.

The The Beverly Fire Department tweeted on Thursday this morning, NOAA officials were at the Shoe Pond monitoring the situation and considering plans to relocate Shoebert out of concern for the safety of both himself and the public.

After the seal was first spotted, NOAA initially decided that the best thing to do was to leave Shoebert as the pond had enough fish to feed him for a while.

“The seal does not appear to be in danger and has the ability to return to the river when it is ready,” said Beverly Animal Control. in a statement posted on Facebook September 16 “There” [are] plenty of fish and water in the Shoe Pond for the seal to sit for a while.

But on Thursday morning Beverly Animal Control wrote on Facebook that people were crossing the yellow warning tape that officials had spread out to keep Shoebert out of the way.

“We understand Shoebert is loved, but he is still a wild animal. His and your safety is paramount to us, and human interactions can be harmful to wild animals, ‘wrote the department.

NOAA tweeted on Thursday that not only is it illegal to approach gray seals, which are a protected species, but that seals can bite and hurt people.

Boston Globe previously reported that NOAA did not know how Shoebert ended up in the pond, but may have entered the Bass River into a drainage pipe.

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