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The dead fox hounds no longer wanted to shoot the hidden camera catch hunt.

People working for one of Britain’s most respected hunters were caught during the shooting of the film. the hunter They have used.

Beaufort Hunt’s hidden cameras caught four hunters who are no longer wanted.

Thousands of Foxhounds are shot each year, but this is considered the first time it has been filmed.

The Hunt Investigation Team and Cape Ban organizations conducted a clandestine investigation into the Duke of Beaufort Hunt, Badminton, Gloucestershire to reveal that he was “one of them.” HuntingThe worst secret. ”

The footage shows gunmen carrying dogs on grass, firing guns at their heads.

One dog did not appear to die from the first bullet, and after showing signs of life, a gunman fired a second shot three minutes later to kill him.

Another needed to be shot twice. And a large, white hound was shot but its tail was still seen wagging as it was kept in the wheelbarrow.

Shooting of hunters is legal, and the hunter said it was done by trained professionals who are not capable of becoming pets.

Former hunters have previously claimed that the heads of foxes showing signs of weakness were shot or killed by British hunters.

The Hunt Pro Group The Countryside Alliance estimates that 3,000 prey are killed each year as they get older. Anti-hunting group Protec Our Wild Animals estimates it was close to 7,000.

A spokesman for the Hunt Investigation Team said. FreeThe fact that a dog’s tail was still shaking when he was loaded on a wheelbarrow shows his indifference.

“There should be more transparency and integrity. Hunters call hunters part of the family, but I don’t know of any other relative who has been shot in the head when they no longer want to.”

He said it was a misconception that shooting was a fast, cruel way to kill.

“A good bullet kill requires a capable shooter, so there is a lot of trust in people who have no oversight or regulation that they believe they can hit clean.”

Mike Jessup, a colleague at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, said he was not convinced by what he saw that hunters had been professionally trained to keep animals down.

“There was no evidence of that. [the huntsperson] Being a veterinary training or veterinary surgeon, “he said. Told ITV News..

“The lack of use of any veterinary equipment that one would expect, such as a stethoscope to detect that dogs are dead, was just a lack.

Evidence from the video does not indicate any illegal activity.

A Beaufort Hunt spokesman said. Free Each hunter’s options should be considered before deciding on a “home environment” or more suitable kennels to retire or return home.

“Occasionally hunters retire successfully as domestic pets, but they are not home-trained and are accustomed to living in a packed environment, so the majority are unfortunately fit to return home,” he said. do not have.”

“Where other options are not available, hunters are killed humanely. This is done by trained professionals using legal and approved methods.

Opponents of the hunt said the footage showed “brutal” methods and “complete disregard for their dogs, horses and animals”.

Wildlife hunting with dogs was outlawed under the Hunting Act 2004, and the following month National Trust Will Have a fresh historic vote On ending the hunt on the land of trust. The trust says it allows legal “trail hunting” but not poaching.

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