Illinois residents have until Saturday to file a $ 100 million class action lawsuit filed against Google this spring for alleged violation of state biometric data protection law.

Anyone who appeared in a photo in Google Photos between May 1, 2015 and April 25, 2022, while being an Illinois resident, may file a claim and may do so on the settlement page or by mail. Attorneys estimate that class members will receive between $ 200-400 each, although the exact amount paid will depend on how many people file a claim.

The lawsuit alleges that Google’s face grouping tool, which sorts faces in Google Photos by similarity, violated the state’s biometric privacy law. The law, known as the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act, requires companies to obtain user consent to use such technology.

Google did not plead guilty to the settlement. In April, a spokesman for the company, José Castañeda, said the company would introduce participation approval to group in Illinois and more gradually in the United States. He confirmed Friday that approval to participate was fully implemented in Illinois.

The final hearing in the case is scheduled for Wednesday before the judge of the Cook District Court Anna M. Loftus, who initially approved the settlement this spring. If the settlement is approved, applicants can receive cash within 90 days of approval, although any appeals will slow down the process.

The Google Photos Settlement resolves a series of lawsuits from five plaintiffs, the first of which was filed in 2016 in the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Two plaintiffs filed a lawsuit in a state court in 2019 after a judge ruled they had no right to sue in a federal court; additional plaintiffs later filed their own lawsuits. Each of the five reasons listed is eligible for a payment of $ 5,000. Their attorneys will be able to claim up to $ 40 million in fees, plus the costs and expenses that will be paid out of the settlement fund.

Illinois biometric data protection law is one of the strictest in the United States and has sparked hundreds of lawsuits since it was passed in 2008.

The next class action deadline is approaching in November for state residents who use Snapchat. The app’s parent company, Snap Inc., reached a $ 35 million settlement last month in a lawsuit over allegations that lenses and filters violated state law.

The Snapchat Settlement Claim Deadline is November 5; residents can do it on the settlement page. Attorneys estimate the payouts to be between $ 58 and $ 117.

Snap pleaded not guilty to the settlement. The company said last month that it “strongly” denies that its technology violates Illinois law and said it introduced in-app consent in a “very cautious” state.

This spring, some Illinois Facebook users received payments of nearly $ 400 after Facebook reached a $ 650 million collective settlement over the face tagging feature. Final approval of the case was given in February 2021, but payments were delayed by appeal.

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