Two years after the premiere of Florian Zeller’s Oscar-winning and critically acclaimed debut, Father, his long-awaited second film, Sonwent to cinemas.

Son is an adaptation of Zeller’s 2018 stage play, Le Fils, which tells the heartbreaking story of 17-year-old Mikołaj’s struggle with mental health and his family’s struggle to help his son.

Hugh Jackman as Peter Miller in The Son. Director Florian Zeller praised the actor’s commitment to getting a role in the film.

Not only Son tackles an important issue of mental health, but also sheds light on the complexity of family relationships, the impact of past mistakes on the present, and the human instinct to protect everything we love.

– said director Florian Zeller Newsweek about the casting process for Son and unusual way Wolverine star Hugh Jackman, 54, landed the role of high-ranking attorney Peter Miller.

Zeller said he wrote the screenplay for the film adaptation Son without a specific actor, but ultimately the role always went to Hugh Jackman after a chance meeting.

Zeller said, “That’s what happened. I was just starting to dream about who could star in the film when I received a letter from Hugh Jackman.

“He knew I was working on an adaptation Son. He knew the play, so he wrote to me saying, “If you’re already talking to the actor, please forgive my letter, but if not, I’d like to spend 10 minutes with you just to say why I should be the one to do the part.”

Zeller added, “I was really impressed and moved by his courage and admired his courage, honesty and humility to do it.

“We met on Zoom and after a few minutes I cut off the call and offered him the role because I felt he was going to be special. He’s a great actor, of course, but he’s also an extraordinary human being, if that means anything and I think that means something.”

Zeller continued, “I felt his humanity would shine through in this story, and I was so impressed by his commitment, generosity, and courage again, as he was willing to explore those emotions without hesitation. It was a wonderful journey together. “

Zen McGrath Hugh Jackman Laura Dern
(LR) Zen McGrath, Laura Dern and Hugh Jackman in The Son. The film focuses on the family’s reaction to the mental problems of their 17-year-old son.
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Viewers may know Jackman from his appearances as Frank in Bad education and P. T. Barnum W The greatest showman.

Son it is also the second collaboration between Sir Anthony Hopkins and Zeller after 2020 Father, with Hopkins again in his Oscar-winning role as Anthony Miller.

Set several years before Anthony was diagnosed with dementia in Son, Jackman’s character, Peter, pays his father a rare visit to his opulent childhood home. There are hints of Anthony’s declining health, but nothing explicit says he has been diagnosed with dementia.

Zeller said he wrote the film adaptation Son for Hopkins.

The French director added, “When I finished the script, he [Hopkins] he was the first one I sent the script to and he read it right away. I really wanted to do it with him because making a movie is a really sentimental experience, and we did Father together and it was something special for both of us. So I really wanted him to be around.”

Zeller said, “It was convincing for us to do exactly the opposite [than Hopkins’s character in The Father]because in Son, he is this man who is in complete control of the situation and is very cruel.

“And the joy of that scene, which was a pivotal scene in the story, when you understand that this father, Hugh Jackman, is also a son. and a suffering son. He was just trying, we understand, to be a better father than the one he had or the father he never had, which we all do,” added Zeller.

I join Jackman and Hopkins Son is Twin Peaks’ Laura Dern, 55, as Peter’s ex-wife, Kate, and Crowns Vanessa Kirby, 34, as his new partner, Beth.

Up-and-coming actor Zen McGrath plays Nicholas, who is Kate and Peter’s troubled son.

Son can be seen in cinemas now.

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