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The Dodgers face off after the Giants lost the second stop.

Ivan Longoria powered the home run by Max Scherzer with a strong wind. Chris Taylor and punch hitter Gavin Lux fell short, putting the defending World Series champions on the brink of extinction.

Longoria’s shot came to a halt in the fifth inning, as the Giants led the Los Angeles Dodgers to a 1-0 victory over San Francisco on a cold, blurred Monday night. The Giants took a 2-1 lead in the NL Division Series.

“I don’t remember many nights at Dodger Stadium where things went that way,” said San Francisco manager Gabby Kepler, who grew up in Los Angeles. “very strange.”

Strong winds hit the flags in the middle of the field and even stumbled upon Sherzar as he reached the starting pitch.

“The wind was really pushing me towards the home plate,” said Scherzer, who lost a post-season game against the Chicago Cabs for the first time since October 12, 2017.

Los Angeles tied it with nearly two outs in the ninth, when Lux began a long left center drive with an emission speed of 107 mph and an estimated batting average of .890. But the wind blew him down and the ball landed on the warning track, leaving Lux unsure.

“My stomach sank a lot when it hit me. I couldn’t believe it didn’t go away,” Longoria said. “I think it was our night.”

Taylor went to the deep right center with the runner at number six.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said: “I think another night would have been CT ball, Gavin Lux ball, home runs.”

It was the Giants’ second shutout in the Best of Five playoffs after the opener won 4-0.

Game 4 is Tuesday at Dodger Stadium, and if needed, Game 5 will be on Thursday in San Francisco.

The Dodgers beat their arch-rivals 9-2 to win Game 2, but won just five hits at home. NL batting champions Triya Turner and Moki Bates each scored 0 for 4, and Corey Seiger scored 4 for 0 with a walk.

“I thought we picked some good batsmen and we just didn’t get the prize,” Roberts said.

Longoria erupted. This was his first post-season homer since the 2013 ALDS with Tampa Bay in the left center on a 0-2 lead off the shot with a big drop of 23 for 0.

“It’s just the atmosphere; it’s crazy,” Longoria said. “What a wild night – even the wind. I mean, I think the sound here was kind of humid because of the wind.

After running home, Scherzer retired his last six batters. But the Dodgers lost their 13th match for the first time since being won by Washington on the July 30 trade deadline.

“You get to the post-season, you can always lose by one pitch. It comes into play. I lost it on one pitch tonight,” Scherzer said.

The other two giants’ singles were Buster Posey and Chris Bryant. His last 15 batsmen retired, including in the ninth when Kenley Johnson hit the side near the Dodgers.

San Francisco starter Alex Wood allowed two hits in 4 2/3 innings against his former team. The left-hander hit four and two.

Tyler Rogers won with 1 2/3 innings of relief. Camilo Doval, the cheat right-hander, played two excellent innings to save.

Napkins, peanut bags and plastic bags flew through the warning tracks and stands. A thick fog erased the usual scenic view of the San Gabriel Mountains and prevented viewing of the pregame flyover in addition to the video board. One fan’s white hat flew off the stands and landed in the second inning.

The strong wind blew slowly from left to right throughout the game, shaking the pitcher’s pants on the mound.

“It’s just part of the game, Mother Nature, and you have to respect that,” said Albert Poguls, who had three successful Dodger films.

Scherzer retired 10 batsmen between Posey’s singles in the first and Bryant’s two out singles in the fourth.

Scherzer gave up one run and three hits in seven innings. The three-time Sai Young Award winner scored 10 runs – the fifth double-digit post-season strikeout of his career – and a walk on 110 pitches.

The tension was evident in the later innings.

Punch hitters Steven Souza Jr. and Will Smith made one-out singles in the seventh, while the Dodgers made the first back-to-back hit of the game away from Submarine Rogers. Punch hitter Austin Barnes hit the swing.

A crowd of 53,299 sellers are shouting slogans at his feet, “Come on, Dodgers!” , Bates hit the screaming liner in the glove Jumper Brendon Crawford To eliminate the risk

“Just catch the ball, that’s what I’m thinking,” Crawford said. “It had a bit of top spin on it and it was over my head so I managed to jump and hope it’s in my glove.”

The Dodgers made three innings – all singles – through six innings.

His first hit came with the bat of 41-year-old Pojolis, whose bubble single took him to third place in the 75th post-season game of his career. Along with Pojol, the Dodgers started at 37 with Sherzer, 37, and Justin Turner, 36.

It was the first start of the Puzzles since the 2014 ALDS with Los Angeles and a hit in the playoffs. Three times NL MVP hit .294 against left-arm pitching during the regular season.

پوجولس۔ St. Louis finished fifth for their first multi-hit post-season game after three homer performances in Game 3 of the 2011 World Series.

Remembering mom

The Giants lost the mother of fielder Lamont Wade Jr. to the first three games of the NLDS because they are in one of their matches – a table tennis tournament.

“Shows where her priorities are, but, no, she’s having fun with it. I get videos from my dad,” Wade said. “They will definitely be watching.”

Trainer’s room

Giants: 2B Tommy Lastella was knocked out in sixth due to left Achilles tendon.

First Professor.

Only the second time the Giants won the post-season game 1-0 on a home run, it was Casey Stangel’s drive in the 1923 World Series against the New York Yankees. Stengel, of course, later became the Hall of Fame manager for the Yankees.


Giants: RHP Anthony DeSclafani will launch Game 4.

Dodgers: “Everything is on the table,” Roberts said, quoting Starter.

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