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The economic cost of Republican criticism: GOP users are firing workers.

The modern conservative movement, which emerged from the Goldwater campaign in 1964, understood that the country was changing and could benefit from the cultural reactions that followed. But he always knew he was playing with fire with the myths of white nationalism and the Southern Lost Cause – he just thought he could overcome it. For a long time, he more or less managed to keep a lid on his lunatics.

By the time George W. Bush fled in 2000, the GOP Establishment had largely outsourced his coarse rhetoric to the massively popular talk radio and congressional showbotters to cover the presidential campaign. ” To run as “sympathetic conservatives” and pretend that they had no basis but either they knew that the extremists they were barely putting in the bottle but they just stayed with the program. If all these years had taught him anything, it was that the Republican base was active and busy when he was angry and angry. But with the advent of new media and the radical right realizing its power, it was only a matter of time before the base took matters into its own hands.

The election of the first black president broke it completely. And when it exploded from the Wild Jenny Bottle, the Establishment abandoned a lot of ghosts.

Backed by wealthy fanatics, the lower class of the party grew exponentially, engaging in conspiratorial ideologies and engaging in radical propaganda, for example the backbenchers of Congress who joined the movement (or exploited it to its detriment). Most of the elected officials of the GOP knew the tea party. It was nonsense and anti-immigration militia groups were stupid and the right wing media was becoming useless. But they lost control. As soon as Donald Trump got out of the station, he got on the crazy train.

Needless to say, all the ways in which Trump ruined everything. We have all gone through it. But it is important to remember that it was a foregone conclusion that at some point, this strategy of always feeding enough red meat to keep their voters interested would end badly, and so it is.

The right wing is now going wild.

The clearest example of this is the January 6 uprising, but much more is happening now. From the moment armed militants stormed state capitals and protested wearing lockdowns and masks in the early months of the epidemic, Republican base members are acting like a gang of thugs, politicians, non-partisan election officials, health officials. Caregivers are threatening workers. Airline employees, parents, teachers, store clerks, waiters and anyone else who comes in contact with those who follow the epidemic protocol. They are threatening school board members to wear masks, order vaccines, and teach important race theory (which they are not actually teaching).

Are all these protests coming from Republican voters? No, but the Republican Party is the only institution that is taking advantage of them. And it can’t be more vicious.

There has been some disagreement as to whether Republicans are consciously advocating for the denial of vaccines and masks among their followers. I think Brian Butler of Crook Media took the lead. A convincing argument That they are. He asks if Trump had been re-elected, the anti-Wax Republicans would have taken this position:

I think the answer is a resounding “no”, and if not, they’re really spreading cowardice to the detriment of the oncoming, and to have a huge impact. That’s why Biden will miss his vaccination target in July. There was a line of applause at the CPAC., And Ron de Santas is silent on the vaccine, but strongly promotes monoclonal antibody therapy, and then Biden is blamed for “never ending.”[ing] covid. “ That’s why Murdoch-owned media advocates for vaccines in the UK, where the government is conservative, but here in the US it is the most destructive source of vaccine misinformation.

There was probably a time in the past when the GOP would play an active role in suppressing such a destructive movement among its voters, if only out of fear of an electoral reaction from the majority. But they can’t control it so they have decided to join.

In the years since Democrats promised to revive the economy after the Republican government took office, as is often the case, the GOP intends to sabotage that recovery and then fail Democrats to deliver on their promises. But disappoints. This is a bad trick but hardball falls into the realm of politics. The economic downturn that we are seeing now with the removal of the right wing beast is very different.

Cowade has had a profound effect on the workplace, from working from home, to virtual schools, etc., but throughout the epidemic, frontline workers went to work, often in real danger, to keep the country going. The government stepped in and offered large rescue packages and unemployment insurance to those who could not work after the lockdown. But now something strange is happening that the economy has opened up and jobs are plentiful: a lot of people are not going back to work or leaving, especially in retail and hospitality jobs.

Many of them may have decided to try their hand at other fields or reconsider their place in the workforce. Many parents are having so much trouble caring for their children that they can’t afford it. But another big reason is that people are leaving jobs that deal with the public: their customers are treating them like shit, Axios reported:

In the last two years or so, there have been aggressive and violent clashes between consumers and service workers over the Quad Safety Protocol. Prison sentences, Penalties And Deaths. Many workers say they are no longer willing to tolerate abuse – and their employers often support them, even in industries that have put their customers on hold for a long time. There are businesses. turn off Some industries have provided support for their employees. Self-defense classes And tied together Public awareness campaign.

This is the problem facing healthcare workers, election administrators, school board members, teachers and airline employees. These bullies are firing them.

And the GOP benefits from it in the same way that it benefits from anti-wax and mask protests. Creating the impression that Democrats are failing to cure epidemics and a slow economy is their 2022 plan. These people don’t like them more than Democrats. They are ready to burn both sides and I don’t think anyone will like what their place will be.

Republicans understood that. But they couldn’t help themselves and they let the jinn grow bigger and bigger until it burst out of the bottle. Now they can’t put it back — and I’m not sure they want to.

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