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The fast start of Game 3 of SF Giants brings back memories of Kendall Stick Park.

The glowing ballpark situation has been the backdrop for many important games in the colorful Giants-Dodgers West Coast feud. It’s just that those games were usually played through San Francisco Bay.

Winds of up to 40 mph gave Dodger Stadium a big-time candle stick park in the early innings.

How was the first Giants Dodger playoff game ever played in Southern California? Well, both the pregame fireworks display and the Dodgers launcher pitcher Max Scherzer had already knocked all the fans out of their seats.

Scherzer was ready to make the Giants’ lead hitter Tommy La Stella a 2-1 pitch when wind or rotating debris شاید perhaps both اس stopped mid-delivery and stumbled off the mound.

It wasn’t at all that Stu Miller of the Giants was “blowing” the mound in the wind during the 1961 All-Star Game at Kendall Stick Park. Some Miller, who died in 2015, said it was too much. – But it was another memorable moment in their hostility.

In 1999, Armando Delgado was tasked with creating art for a special series that honors the 10 greatest moments of the giants in the candlestick. They were reprinted in San Jose Mercury News. A relevant story was written for each moment and highlighted by Mark Purdy. The series appeared in the weekly Mercury News before the 10th biggest moment in the weekly countdown and until the memorial.

In the middle innings, the gusts were turned into a steady wind. But players and fans showed up at the ballpark Monday evening in consultation with the LA Area. TV coverage showed dirt and rappers moving around and players’ jerseys waving in the air.

Even the dirty poles shook as the ball bounced off the park as it approached the first pitch.

Extraordinary circumstances have long dazzled Dodgers observers and players alike.

“I’ve never seen anything like it here, it’s unbelievable,” he told during a middle game interview. “I mean, how long have I been here and it’s been a bit windy one day.”

“It feels like we’re in San Francisco right now. It feels like home. Maybe it’s a little better for us,” Logan Webb, the giant’s creator, laughed at MLB.TV’s situation during the Games interview. ۔

Early in the game, the situation looked a bit dry and difficult, but there was no home run run by the wind and no balls were sent in crazy directions due to the moving winds. There weren’t many chances for the Hygienists either – Scherzer scored nine runs in the first six innings and Giants starter Alex Wood allowed just two hits in his 2/3 innings.

Giants’ Evan Longoria finally broke a goalless tie with a solo home run in the upper half of the fifth inning, but the wind was definitely not a factor. Longoria threw a 407-foot fastball over the left field wall at 110 mph.

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San Francisco Giants right fielder Mike Easter Zemsky catches a flyball from Los Angeles Dodgers’ Tria Turner during the first inning of Game 3 of the Baseball National League Division Series on Monday, October 11, 2021 in Los Angeles. (AP Photo / Ashley Lands)

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