The FBI launched an investigation until he died last month An American woman in Mexico who was seen being mugged in a cell phone video that went viral.

The FBI confirmed in a statement to CBS News on Tuesday that it had “launched an investigation” into the d*ath of Shanquella Robinson of Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to an FBI statement, the d*ath occurred “around” October 29 in Cabo San Lucas. Mexican authorities last week said the d*ath occurred in San Jose del Cabo, which is about 20 miles northeast of Cabo San Lucas. Both are located in the state of Baja California Sur.

In a November 17 statement, Mexican prosecutors said they were investigating the d*ath of a woman they identified as a foreign national at a resort complex in San Jose del Cabo. At the time, however, a Mexican government official who was not authorized to cite the name confirmed that Robinson was the victim. The official confirmed that the group she was traveling with had left Mexico.

The video, apparently recorded at a luxury villa in San Jose del Cabo, shows a woman, apparently American, beating up another woman.

The video has been shared many times on social networks. In it, a man with an American accent can be heard saying, “Can you at least fight?” The man did not seem to intervene in the beating.

Mexican prosecutors said police found Robinson dead in the villa on October 29.

Shanquella’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, told CBS News in an interview last week that investigators in Mexico are treating her daughter’s d*ath as a m*rder.

“I’m glad to hear that,” she said.

Salamondra said Shanquella’s friends initially told her she had developed alcohol p*osoning. But later she found out there had been a fight, and an autopsy showed spinal cord and neck injuries.

An autopsy showed that “her d*ath had nothing to do with alcohol,” Salamondra said.

Mexican officials said they could not confirm the cause of d*ath as it was part of an ongoing investigation.

When Salamondra saw the video, she said she knew it was her daughter. This raised questions as to why no one intervened in the alleged beating or why the people she was traveling with would beat her.

“She didn’t fight anyone. She didn’t even stand a chance,” Salamondra said. “No one tried to stop it”

Salamondra said the group Shanquell was traveling with were people she went to college with.

“One of the guys was supposedly her best friend,” she said. “And he used to go on family trips with us, you know? And he was at home.”

Salamondra said she had not seen him since receiving the autopsy results. She said she hoped to get more answers about what happened to her daughter, whom she described as having a “heart of gold”.

“She loved everyone. She didn’t treat anyone badly. Never. Nobody could say anything bad about her because she was a good person,” Salamondra said.

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