CHICAGO (CBS) – A video obtained by CBS 2 on Wednesday shows an explosion in an apartment building in South Austin, which injured eight people the day before.

Surveillance video: West Side building explosion


Meanwhile, as Steven Graves of CBS 2 said on Wednesday, residents have returned to the site of the devastation on Wednesday. They took their things and left.

Many went to a nearby church to sleep in cots. Meanwhile, townspeople are wondering what went wrong.

Two clips were obtained by Steven Graves of CBS 2. Taken from different angles, they show a running person who appears to be holding a toddler, barely missed, from an explosion and a rain of dust and debris that crashes from a four-story apartment building at 5601 W. West End Ave.

One angle also shows a bright orange flash before bricks and wood fly out of the building.

Surveillance video: West Side building explosion


The blast and collapse happened around 9am on Tuesday. Eight people were taken to nearby hospitals. Three of them were left in critical condition, and the most severely injured patient suffered “very traumatic burns”.

Fire Department Deputy Marc Ferman said one of the injured people was across the street at the time.

“It’s devastating,” said William Pitts. “It’s like starting over.”

Pitts lived on the second floor of the building. He was one of a dozen people who returned Wednesday to pick up items that building owners had told residents were safe for.

But a video given to CBS 2 by the people inside shows that this is clearly devastating. A hole in the wall was seen and rubble was scattered in the staircases.

“I feel devastated – as if I have to start all over again,” said Monique Younger.

The younger mother sleeps with her little son in a cot in a nearby ministry.

“This is the hardest part seeing him. You know, he must have seen him broken mom and started over, ”she said. “I pay rent every month to have a place where my son will put his head. Not a couch, not a floor – he got a bed, a room.

On Monday, CBS 2’s Kris Habermehl initially reported that the explosion debris pattern had all the patterns of a natural gas explosion, and Nelson said he smelled natural gas in the air following the explosion.

However, a spokesman for Peoples Gas said the cause of the explosion remained unknown and “there is currently no reason to believe that the cause is related to the gas or to any of our devices.” Regarding the gas explosion issue, the building owner said that investigators told him it probably wasn’t what happened.

CBS 2 detective Megan Hickey met on Monday with owner Roman Viere of West End LLC.

“One of the investigators said they didn’t believe it was gas. That’s all I have to deal with, ”said Viere. “I asked him, if it’s not a gas, what could it be? And he said, “Boom.”

On Wednesday, the fire department and the building owner announced that an investigation into what happened was underway.

Of the eight people injured by the collapse, only one is still hospitalized.

The hostel on the nearby Circle Urban Ministries, 118 N. Central Ave., stays open for at least one more night, accommodating approximately 13 families.

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