There are still videos that allegedly show Russian conscripts being drunk or displaying disorderly behavior as the country tries to mobilize 300,000 reservists.

Recordings of newly called up Russian soldiers who looked drunk or reluctant to obey orders have already been made available on social media this week after President Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization.

The new movies reportedly show conscripts sleeping, refusing to line up, and in one case involved in a fight. The video came as four areas of Ukraine currently under Russian control hold referendums on joining Russia, which were widely rejected as “sham”.

British journalist from Moscow Danny Armstrong shared on Twitter on Saturday morning a video he said shows sleeping drunk conscripts

“Russian conscripts on their way to fight in Ukraine. A handful of drunken soldiers are asleep while parked on their way to the front line, ”wrote Armstrong.

Francis Scarr, of the BBC’s Russian state television, shared a new video on Saturday morning that showed conscripts in civilian clothes disembarking from two military transport trucks and refusing to form ranks when instructed to do so.

“A certain exemplary discipline displayed by Putin’s newly mobilized troops,” wrote Scarr.

“Fall down two ranks, two ranks!” Scarr quoted a uniformed soldier, to which one of the soldiers apparently replied, “You can screw up your two ranks!”

Neil Hauer, a journalist covering Russia and Ukraine, shared the Scarra video and commented: “Russian mobilization films are quickly becoming one of the best sub-genres.”

ABC News reporter Patrick Reevel released a video on Friday showing a Russian army officer yelling angrily at recruits. In a movie that had English subtitles, an officer tells the assembled men that they “scream like women” and that they should shut their mouths.

Some of the men seem to react with anger, but the officer continues, telling them, “I’m saying you are all military now. That’s all! The games are over! You are all military. “

He then explained what would happen to them, including that they would receive training and that it would be safe for them to work from home while they were away.

Former British Conservative MP Louise Mensch also shared a video on Twitter which she described as showing drunk Russian conscripts fighting each other, although this video has not been verified.

Newsweek asked the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a comment.

A steady stream of video footage seems to show problems with partial mobilization when the US Institute for War Research (ISW) said Russia was facing “a serious and systemic problem” with the appointment of reservists.

“The Russian mobilization system is struggling to fulfill the task assigned by Russian President Vladimir Putin and it is unlikely to be able to produce any mobilized reserve force even of the low quality that Putin’s plans would generate, unless the Kremlin quickly fixes basic and systemic problems,” he said.

Voting in the Lugansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhia oblasts in Ukraine began on Friday in referendums that the West rejected as illegal.

Ukrainian soldiers stand in trenches on the front line with Russian troops in the Donetsk region on September 23, 2022. The videos appear to portray recent Russian conscripts behaving in a disobedient or drunk manner.

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