The final toll of the Heat’s Kyle Lowry trade comes in next week’s NBA draft when the Heat won’t take another – The Mercury News

For months, the Miami Heat had faced a worst-case scenario as the NBA considered penalties for jumping the gun to the league during its free-agency pursuit of guard Kyle Lowry last summer.

Then, on December 1, the sanction revealed, “The next available second-round draft pick will be forfeited.”

A mass yawn followed at the FTX Arena. Okay, maybe exaggerating, but over the years the second round of picks have been valued this year by the Heat front office along the lines of investors in MiamiCoin.

“Of course it’s disappointing to lose an asset,” said Adam Simon, the Heat’s vice president of basketball operations. “And that’s it. You can get a player on draft night, and then put him in touch, versus waiting for players who don’t draft and then hoping that you talk to the agent. Can talk to get them to you. So of course taking the pickup, picking up late helps.”

So there’s no second-round pick for the Heat in next week’s NBA draft at Barclays Center just like the Heat didn’t have a second-round pick last year or in 2020 or 2018 or ’17 or ’16.

In fact, in the last eight drafts, the only second rounders to emerge from the draft were Josh Richardson in 2015 and KZ Okpala in 2019. Richardson was replaced in the 2019 off-season as a trade chip for Jimmy Butler. The Oklahoma City Thunder was dropped in a pay dump on last February’s NBA trading deadline.

Given that Lowry’s recruitment had concerns about the Heat being docked as a first-rounder on the elements at the time, the exhalation was likely tangible on December 1, even if it was during the hours after the next Thursday’s draft. Turn down the heat.

Anyway, the NBA had to hunt down a second rounder to punish the Heat. The confiscated pickup was actually obtained from the Denver Nuggets in the 2019 draft in exchange for the rights to Bol. It would have fallen to number 55.

Otherwise, it’s largely been a “take my second rounder, please” from Pat Riley and the Heat front office.

The Heat’s 2022 second-round pick, No. 56, is with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

From there, the Heat’s 2023 second-rounder will go to the Thunder, Boston Celtics or Indiana Pacers; The Heat’s second round of 2024 is due to the Atlanta Hawks or New York Knicks; 2025 Pacers or Brooklyn Nets second rounders; 2026 with the Celtics, Memphis Grizzlies, San Antonio Spurs or Pacers; And from 2027 to the Thunder or Spurs.

Allow it to marinate: The nine teams have ties over the next six drafts from the heats’ second-round picks. , , And none of them are heatsinks.

Because the Bucks were docked for a 2022 second-round pick (due to his 2020 shady free-agency maneuver for Bogdan Bogdanovic), this year’s NBA Draft will see only 58 selections with 28 in the second round.

So after years of chasing down No. 61 (regarded as the best player among players who haven’t been drafted), teams this year are eyeing No. 59 among un-drafted free agents.

While the Heat have the option of buying their way into the second round, $5.8 million is available to spend on such a selection, more than enough for such a move, with the Heat’s arguably undraft prospects over the past decade. Has a history of doing more than second round selections when, even on the current roster. Looking at the career arcs of Duncan Robinson, Max Strauss and Gabe Vincent.

“We created them without reason,” Simon said, “and we do our best to find the right people who we think we can develop, even if they haven’t been drafted.”

So, ultimately the cost of getting Lowry in August was Precious Achiuva and Goran Dragic going to the Toronto Raptors, and a second-round pick going to the NBA.

“Control what you can control,” said Simon, “and don’t worry about what you can’t.”


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