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The first Joe Gilbert was a capitalist. Now he wants to be governor of Nevada.

On Jan. 6, Nevada’s personal injury lawyer, Joey Gilbert, stood up to the capital’s move toward the U.S. Senate, urging right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to take it out of the sea of ​​riots.

“Alex! come here! Gilbert walked in a bundle of peacocks and a purple scarf.

In a video of the violent protest, Gilbert Jones is seen laying bugs behind him, chanting “1776”. And making English the focus of attention among guards around Internet Entertainer.

It was not found. Keep the crowd calm and shout “USA!” After guiding Chat, Jones and organizer Ali Alexander moved to another location on January 6. Soon, a bunch of Members of the excellent Keepers Militia climbed the eastern steps In forming a military “stack”. And the crowd shelled the gates of the capital.

But now, like that Announced Last week, Gilbert is running for governor of Nevada.

Gilbert said in his June 12 announcement, “The most important message I can leave to all of you today is that, if you sit on your hands and you censor the truth, and you get rid of that fear. Take it away – you’ll be out, “Gilbert said in his June 12 announcement. Speech.

“If electoral integrity isn’t the number one running for these guys, then they’re either lost, confused, or very foolish to run away,” he said, falsely claiming that Donald Trump was “real.” “The president has won. Nevada with 44,000 votes. From there, Gilbert accused Dr. Anthony Fookie of “murder,” and told the assembly that the country’s leading infectious disease specialist was a “psychopath” who “should remain in prison.” The crowd responded with cheers and cheers.

Gilbert – a former cage fighter and Boxing champion And the current Reno-based lawyer and conspiracy theorist made headlines in 2020 for his right-wing activism and denial of COVID-19.

Brought by Gilbert give Lockdown failed Cases Before his victory over the state of Nevada in December last year, when he agreed to the appeals of the Ninth Circuit Court, the state could not run churches more strongly than businesses and casinos.

In October 2020, I started working with him American front line doctor, A group of notorious conspiracy theorists and anti-mask fans founded by Simon Gold Arrested For its role in the capital riots in January. He represents a new group Vaccine litigation Targeting various federal public health officials and agencies.

Gilbert declined to comment on the Daily Beast’s request for comment. Not implemented.

Gilbert received his JD from Thomas Jefferson Law School Its approval has been temporarily revoked In 2019. He passed the Nevada State Bar in 2004, and the same year he entered public life as a champion MMA fighter. Appearing in reality TV shows Competitor, Where he trained with Sylvester Stallone and Sugar Ray Leonard.

In 2007, the Nevada Athletic Commission targeted Gilbert A 10,000 fine And after a one-year suspension when he tested positive for many illegal substances, such as steroids and meth. Three years later, he retired and went into private practice. Her branding draws on her previous career.“Fighter”– And his firm specializes in DUI and personal injury law. (Also the firm’s website Plug Its a global campaign.)

Gilbert also defended clients in the cannabis industry and launched a series of lockdown lawsuits against the state over the corona virus epidemic.

These are the 2020 election controversies that have engulfed Gilbert in Nevada state GOP politics. In November, he backed a lawsuit to end Biden’s victory, and his aggressive platform relied heavily on “electoral integrity.” They to be continued To further the lie that the election has been stolen from Trump.

I am a Interview Last month, Gilbert claimed that, after the election, he had “received dozens and dozens of phone calls from people whose dead parents had voted in this election who were not alive.” These allegations made him several post-election cases Brought to you by the Trump Campaign and Assistant Lawyers, But there were summaries Dismissed.

In memory of the May 15 Independence Rally Admission to Lander County Joined the far-right Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, Gilbert Announcement That Trump is “still our president.” And, with Three percent He called on members of the militia in the presence of hundreds of people, urging the crowd to “take part in the fighting.” The phrase was also highlighted on red T-shirts in which Gilbert was hawking to “raise money and awareness”.

Gilbert, a staunch supporter of the hard truth, has expressed it as usual اسلامو فوبک Emotions online. But it has built its oppressive platform around that goal: the state’s unfounded challenge to epidemics – restrictions that are now being reduced as a result of widespread vaccinations.

Today, his social media There are pages Sieve Strange and with Dangerous Epidemic conspiracy theories

“Fookie said there would be an epidemic under President Trump, and he made sure that it happened, just as planned, just before the election,” he said. Tweet On May 8 “To seize power, to mail in all the ballots, to plunge the country into crisis and into puppets, and now to poison / kill.”

Last month, Gilbert Claimed That Fukui is taking advantage of the epidemic, and will ultimately be responsible for the “millions” of deaths worldwide from a “trash” vaccine.

recently Interview, Gilbert falsely declared that “masks don’t work”, and said that the epidemic was a terrible thing, “nonsense.” Frontline doctors in the United States complained about his involvement last week Stopping Federal authority for the COVID vaccine in children.

But Gilbert’s party activism did not deter some Nevada GOP officials. Since the election, a high-level group of state Republicans has turned its politics to adjust anti-government bases from its right. The faction is backed by state party chairman Mike McDonald, who last month Add to the list of proud boys In a successful attempt to Take a fellow Republican state official seriously For refusing to go with the state audit of votes cast in the 2020 elections.

Although Gilbert’s inaction has attracted a large number of like-minded Nevadians and helped build new loyalties in the state’s right-wing circles, the Republican arena is still fragile. Former Sen. Dan Heller (R-NV) Collect a campaign It’s sure to test Gilbert’s performance, and several former GOP executives, including former representative Mark Amoebe (RNV) and former Nevada Attorney General Adam Luxhault, are also interested. What is the expression?


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