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The first start of the fourth slope of the Tree Lance.

GLANDLE, Ariz. – Win or lose, this is how Trey Lance played the game that forced him to start his 49-year early start.

How much will he run? (a lot.)

Will its speed pass hit their mark? (Sometimes.)

Exactly which evil schemes will Coach Kill Shanhan unveil from the No. 3 overall draft slot with his prize? (Fourth bottom-up failures.)

Lance, as a whole, proved to be a double threat with his running and passing, but the 49ers lacked explosive dramas and could not beat the unbeaten Arizona Cardinals, who won 17-10.

Five times the 49ers went down to fourth for him, and four times he failed, Shanehan calling for a new kicker Joey Sully just once to try a field goal, which he made from 47 yards with 4:12 left.

Only 49ers’ second points: Debo Samuel’s 13-yard run on the Lance Letter after Tent Williams and Mohammad Sanu’s blocks, then armed the defender on the way to the goal line with 1:42 in the third quarter. ۔

Not only did the 49ers fail four times in the fourth down, they lost a play-making element, due to playing calls, the absence of George Cuttle (he went to the injured reserve on Saturday) and a random rookie quarterback Which at least started. This game is the place of an injured Jimmy Garopolo.

So now that the 49ers (2-3) are going home after losing three games in their farewell week, some uncertainty is still circulating about their quarterback position, which is far from our path:


When Lance wasn’t bubbling and making his way in or out of his pocket, he seemed more lethal as a passer-by as a human being, and not just because of the interference of the first series. Considering the drops of Samuel (two), Mohammed Sanu and Brendan Iowa, the passage was not as bad as the State Line might suggest.

Lance threw for 192 yards (29 of 15, no touchdown, one interception, 58.4 rating) and ran 89 yards on 16 carry.

Lance’s runs came with a risk factor. But not him. Rather, it was his offensive lineman or bodyguard who often carried out suicide attacks on certain carriages. Mike McGlenchy and Alex McLance were hit strangely from behind.

When Lance ran, he would either get out of trouble or, in a photogenic case, a defender would pull out his helmet and make a second attempt, one run before Samuel’s touchdown. Happened

Four down calls.

The 49ers get more than one point and points due to fourth bottom failures. Shanakhan’s calls failed 5 out of 4 times, including an incomplete lance which was turned over by JJ Watt in the fourth quarter. Kyle Jeszick’s sticks to no avail on the fourth and 1st with 9 minutes.

Shanehan called Lance’s number on the fourth bottom run pair that didn’t change, and no one was bigger than the fourth and goal from 1, with Lance hitting the heels less than the goal line. This begs the question: was Shana Khan so intent on showing his hot shot quarterback that he did so without any points on the scoreboard?

Lance’s previous fourth down attempt was the second series to run at an intermediate level that was soft and unproductive. Even when the 49ers finally switched to fourth down (Mohammad Sanu 6-yard reception), that drive ended with a sack and a third holding penalty.

Handling sentences.

Multiple holding penalties are not a by-product of just facing JJ Watt and Chandler Jones. Since Lance doesn’t have an immediate trigger for Jimmy Garopolo, offensive linemen have to hold their blocks longer.

But holding fines skyrocketed in the second half. Flag bearers were Trent Williams, Mike McGlynchy and wide receiver Travis Benjamin. McGlynchy was also fined for making a false start, and he looked angry after his second holding penalty.


The 49ers proved capable of dismissing and putting pressure on Killer Murray, who proved to be a worthy MVP candidate with a fourth quarter throw. When Nick Bosa cut the rush inside him, Murray spun D-Andre Hopkins into space to complete 30 yards.

Earlier, Bosa made Murray’s timely sack, dropped it at a loss of 13 yards and pushed the Cardinals out of the field goal range in the last minute of the first half. This was Bosa’s fifth sack of the season. He made nine appearances in the NFL in 2019 as a defensive rookie.

DJ Jones, who missed Thursday’s practice due to a knee injury, received Murray’s first sack. De Ford didn’t find a sack, but he was caught on a double team block that almost created safety (the penalty was 1). Eric Armstrong and the shining safety Talanoh Hofanga also pushed Murray to the brink.

Defense issues.

The 49ers finally recovered a foul for the first time this season, courtesy of Donte Johnson and a fourth-quarter replay challenge. But the 49ers could not make enough swing against the NFL’s highest scoring team.

Along the way, there were a few small twists and turns that allowed Rundell Moore to run towards 1, and Marcus Harris was caught on the catch by Mexico Williams, who suffered a severe leg injury in the game. ۔

Of course, the defensive pass at the bottom of the third also had the penalty of interference. It was the NFL’s leading ninth PI call of the 49ers this season, and Josh Norman’s violation didn’t stop Hopkins from making 26-yard conversion catches.

The return of Norman

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