ABBA’S WAY: I have a child who is 11 years old. I have been a single parent all these years.

Father never spoke up. Over the years, we only heard the sounds of cricket. Thanks to this, we built our own life.

Recently, the father decided that he wanted his rights to be known as the father, but made no changes to prove that he was worthy of it. His calls are still random; there is no appointment or emotional or financial support.

How do I tell him that he is interfering with the peaceful life of my beautiful child? I need help telling him, “Get on your way, Jack!”


ROUTES OF PEACE: Removing a dead rhythm from your life may not be as simple as telling it to slip away. For exact information on what ‘rights’ you may have, consult a lawyer who is familiar with family law. I wish you luck.

ABBA’S WAY: I read a letter from a 66-year-old woman who is lonely and wondering about the purpose of life (“Living Life in Texas,” July 25).

Assuming she’s healthy, she’s a spring chicken compared to a 90-year-old. Allow me to offer some suggestions on how she can regain the spark of wonder and wonder that the limitless possibilities of life offer. I am 68 years old and speak from experience.

Living Life mentioned that he was volunteering. Perhaps she could change her routine and discover new opportunities as a volunteer. Sometimes we fall into a routine and become bored and complacent to make changes to our routine that will add variety to our lives.

She could get a pet if she doesn’t have one. You get more than you give with your pet – they provide loving company on a daily basis. She should consider adopting from an animal shelter. These creatures need an eternal home more than you think and drive away the “lonely”.

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