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The former president of the Supreme Court has said that the misuse of power by the police against women is not a new incident.

The former president of the Supreme Court has said that violence and abuse against women by the police is “not a new phenomenon” and he has closely monitored the murder of Sarah Everard because she is white and middle class. Of was

Richmond’s Baroness Hale described the award’s murder – which was abducted, raped and murdered by serving Metropolitan Police officer Van Cousins ​​- as a “horrific, horrific case” but said “many”. Terrible “cases have been ignored.

Lady Hale, the first female president of the court, previously practiced as a barrister in the north of England, where she said it was common to encounter stories of abuse of police power.

Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, he said: “If you obeyed the law in the north of England in the 1970s, you would inevitably find yourself abusing their position with women following the story of police officers. Face the story.

“It’s not a new trend.

“What’s new in recent weeks is that it emphasizes a really, really scary story and perhaps adds to the fact that she was a young, beautiful, middle-class white woman, while all the women who are equal There have been horrible experiences.

“But it’s good if it’s gaining importance, it’s very important and I don’t mind as long as it’s gaining importance.”

Asked whether Metropolitan Police Commissioner Dame Cressida Dick should resign, Lady Hale said it would not be appropriate for her to comment.

Dame Cressida Dick has faced calls for her resignation following the assassination of Sarah Awards by a serving officer.

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The Mets commissioner has faced numerous calls for his resignation, amid calls for immediate action to restore women’s confidence in policing following the award killing.

Euward was falsely arrested for serving Cousins, who kidnapped, raped and killed the 33-year-old in March.

Concerns have been raised about why Cousins ​​was able to serve as an officer after several reminders before he was assassinated.

Cousins ​​was allegedly dubbed “The Rapist” by Matt’s associates for hurting women, and faced claims of indecent exposure in June 2015 and February 2021, just days before Everard was assassinated.

Lady Hale became the first female president of the Supreme Court in 2017, and retired last year.

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