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The former San Jose Council candidate will not spend time in jail for a fatal accident.

When a judge sentenced Jennifer Higgins to six months in prison last summer. 66-year-old pedestrian killed With their SUV, the victim’s family thought the former San Jose City Council candidate and leader of the California Women’s March was light-headed.

But now, Higgins is not spending time in prison at all – and apparently, she is making the most of it.

Higgins is seen dancing on stage in photos and videos of the Reproductive Rights March in Los Angeles on October 2, when celebrities and activists such as Barbara Streisand and Alyssa Milano wrapped up their speeches. At the end of A live video streamAt one event, MC pointed to her and shouted, “Jenny!” As she smiles and compliments others on stage with her.

Higgins, who ran for the San Jose District 10 Council seat in 2019, was sentenced in July to six months in a county jail for the December 2019 crash that killed Santa Cruz’s Timothy Starkey. But in late August, Supreme Court Judge Jose Franco ruled that Higgins County could serve its sentence in San Mateo County by wearing an electronic monitoring device instead of spending time in prison.

Franco reduced first. Higgins’ serious accusation. To pave the way for a bad sentence, with a strong negligence for carjacking.

With good practice credit, Higgins was ordered to wear the Buddy SmartTag GPS monitoring device for only three months, unless he violated the rules. According to court documents, he started wearing the monitoring device on September 3 and is expected to arrive on December 1. The documents state that he is allowed to go to work and attend medical and court-related appointments.

According to its LinkedIn page, Higgins serves as director of development for the Women’s March Foundation, a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization that participated in the march earlier this year.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

The Santa Clara County Probation Department said in a statement that it would not respond to inquiries into the Higgins case, citing its “constitutional right to privacy” and “privacy concerns applicable to criminal justice information.”

When called, Higgins immediately said he had no comment about his case or the electronic monitoring program. Her lawyer, Josh Bentley, did not respond to several emails and calls.

The court document details the GPS monitoring program that Jennifer Higgins enrolled in.

In addition to wearing a monitoring device, Higgins was ordered to pay Starky’s family ڈالر 183,857.

Prior to retiring, Starkey was a former vice president of operations at various technology companies in California and worked as a craftsman. Her family has previously described her as a faithful husband, father and friend. He says he can fix anything and has a “greater presence than life.”

His family says they are disappointed with what they see as a lack of punishment for Higgins’ actions.

“Our family is deeply disappointed that Jennifer Higgins’ punishment for her gross negligence, which resulted in the tragic death of my father, Tim Starky, was not only significantly reduced, but that he received almost no punishment for his actions. Didn’t even see. ” Daughter, Bridget said in a statement. “It is an injustice and an injustice that our family has not seen any commitment to take human life, my father’s life, to compensate him.”

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