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The Fremont City manager was arrested on domestic violence charges before resigning abruptly.

Fremont – Former Fremont City Manager Mark Dinaj, who abruptly resigned without explanation last week, was arrested in September on suspicion of a domestic battery and was falsely imprisoned in San Francisco.

While Fremont City Council members declined to say whether they knew of the arrest, Danaj’s lawyer, Alison Barry Wilkinson, told the news organization that Danaj spoke to everyone on the phone before resigning. And he was “very transparent” in explaining the incident. .

The secessionist agreement reached by the news organization suggests that the council may have fired Danaj and all agreed to hide the reason, so it is unclear whether the incident led to the decision. Is affected.

The agreement stipulates that according to the city’s employment agreement, Dinaj is to receive a salary of about لاکھ 300,000 from the city – he will not be eligible if he resigns voluntarily.

Danaj was arrested Sept. 15 in an apartment on the 300 block of Fremont Street, San Francisco police told the news organization. Adam Lobsinger, a spokesman for the department, said police officers arrived around 9:20 p.m. after receiving a report of a domestic violence incident.

Officers spoke to the victim, who was identified as a 25-year-old man. Lobsinger said the incident began with a “verbal altercation that became physical” and that Dinaj was considered a “primary attacker”.

The next day, the San Francisco County District Attorney’s Office dismissed the case against Danaj citing lack of evidence, according to court records and the DA’s office.

The police report had two conflicting accounts of the incident. There were no injuries and no independent witnesses, “DA spokeswoman Sarah Youssef said in an email.

Danaj’s departure came as Mayor Lilly May convened a special closed-door meeting of the city council on September 21 to discuss his performance appraisal. Another assessment was made in a special closed session on September 28.

The city issued a brief public statement on September 29 announcing that the council had accepted Danaj’s resignation during its second meeting and that his last day with the city would be September 30. The statement did not give a reason for Danaj’s resignation.

A privacy clause in the separation agreement instructs city officials and Danj not to “disclose any information about the existence or substance of this agreement.”

If anyone asks about Danaj’s exit, “each party will only state that Danaj resigned from the city service on September 30, 2021, and that the departure was mutually agreed upon.”

Wilkinson said Friday she could not explain why her client quit her job. As for the arrest, he said, Dinaj has “some personal matters that he needs to take care of” but they are “completely unrelated to his work.”

According to the City Record obtained by this news organization, Dinaj texted Council member Jenny Casson on September 17, stating that he would be ready to discuss before the closed council session on September 21 and “any questions you may have.” Will be happy to answer and share. My personal opinion on this issue. ”

Casson replied that he had been told what “Debra” had done – Debra Margolis, a lawyer in Fremont’s transitional city. “It seems like a no-brainer to me,” Casson wrote. “I don’t understand why you need to go on vacation.” Glad to talk if you want. ”

“People have a right to know why Danaj left the city,” said David Snyder, a lawyer and executive director of the First Amendment Alliance.

“People have a fundamental right to understand why high-ranking government officials are fired, especially if job separation is a form of mismanagement,” Snyder said in a phone interview on Wednesday. Or based on bad behavior. ”

Dinaj will receive a 10.5-month salary totaling 294,292, which was to be released in a lump sum payment within 10 days of his resignation.

Danaj’s original five-year employment contract with the city from 2018 is entitled to one year’s salary if it is terminated by the council for reasons other than “deliberate disrespect”. If he resigns voluntarily, it does not provide a paycheck.

Under the separation agreement, Danaj will be paid in monthly installments from November 2021 to August 2022, and پورا 50,000 to cover the costs of health benefits, “accumulated but unused public leave. For “.

Dange was hired by Fremont as an assistant city manager in 2011, then left in 2014 to take a helmet as city manager at Manhattan Beach.

Danaj was later fired by Manhattan Beach City Council in early 2018, although the city did not provide an official explanation.

At the time, his lawyer claimed that Danaj was being punished for pushing back against the directive to abolish the post of assistant manager, which he had hired to fill his former Fremont partner Nadine Nader.

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