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The Gabby Petito Salute Forum sets itself apart from the Cranj Avery Awards

Mysterious disappearance and death of “Van Lifer” Gabby Petito. It has garnered a lot of media attention, which in itself has sparked a heated debate.

Petito was 22 years old. He was strangled to death while tripping. With her 23-year-old fianc Brian Laundry across the United States. After returning to Florida on September 1 without a potato, The laundry itself disappeared. Petito has not yet been charged with murder immediately after the person involved in the case was named, but is facing charges of fraud for using his debit card after his death.

Last month, Credit goes to Teton County Search and Rescue Squad. At least two members of the public information about missing Texas man Robert “Bob” Lowry are calling local authorities … A body was found while searching for a potato in West Wyoming..

Others have “rightly” argued that the big news outlets do not devote anywhere near the same coverage to the disappearance of hundreds of Native American and black women under suspicious circumstances. “The Petito family certainly deserves answers and justice,” the MSNBC host said. Joey Reid said on his show.. “But the way this story has fascinated the nation, many people wonder why the media doesn’t pay attention when the media people disappear from the colors.”

But perhaps nowhere are the emotions faster than in Reddit, where a 150,000-strong subgroup of dangerously obsessed petite viewers has been torn apart. Introduction to a series of cartoon badges last week.Or, as a “Community Award.” Reddit calls it the official version.– Recognize the actions or contributions of others. (There is Countless Online forums Dedicated to Gabby Petito And his murder, with many people. Amateur salutes are trying to find a solution to the case..)

On subreddit r / GabbyPetito, for example, the “Free Spirit Award” is an example of a black and pink heart, and “When you like to praise someone for being fresh original and very cool,” introducing the initiative. Wrote in a post. The “Sugar Heart Award”, which featured a photograph of a wall in front of which Petito was once photographed, means “for comments that give rise to golden rule, common sense and mutual respect.” ۔ Another, the “Road Trip” award, is for “cool things. Like road trips, van life, skateboarding, traveling, and whatever you think is great (possibly can be used). If you think someone is usually just a tripod – it’s up to you).

On the face of Instant grief and anger (And no shortage of satire) which many commentators not only understood. “Tasteless“But”IrritatingThe moderators of r / GabbyPetito were forced to remove the most ridiculous content. After only 10 hoursAccording to That later. An official May Kalpa was issued. And resigned from the forum, apologizing for the “inappropriate and inconvenient” award for their “error of judgment”.

The post read, “Please know that there will be an in-depth discussion between all the methods to discuss how this happened and to improve it as much as possible.” “Please don’t take our silence as a lack of action or response. We appreciate those who gave us the opportunity to correct this mistake and, as always, help you. To monitor and discuss the journey to justice.

I His long statement, All moderators denied that they wanted to make any money from the award scheme, and offered a complete, point-of-view explanation for what they said.

“Here’s what it is and why it’s so detailed,” one commenter replied. “Dude, read a book or go drink a beer. What’s going on with you guys,” wrote another.

A third said, “That’s too much. You’ve already apologized.”

“I still have no idea why there are ‘awards’ for someone who writes …. are we all in baseball and do we need attendance awards for our soapboxes?” Someone wrote with the username “Jumbobuddha 7.”

Perhaps r / GabbyPetito’s “Let It Be Award” would be the most appropriate example. As the moderators explained on the rollout, “This is a very special award. Letting go can be a beautiful thing. Arguments, bad habits, mistakes, negative, rude comments, you name it, leave it and be happy to be happy.” It’s exciting. You’ll know when to use it. “


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