The giants will move to the playoffs this season unless the bottom comes.

They often don’t matter on Thanksgiving. But this year, they are on track for their first off-season performance since 2016.

Their start 6-2 behind first year coach Brian Daboll puts them in sixth place at the NFC right now, with the San Francisco 49ers (4: 4) in seventh and last place.

The FiveThirtyEight stats page gives Giants an 80% promotion chance.

Any threats to knock out the Giants would have to come from Washington (4-5), Atlanta (4-6) or Tampa (4-5) if Bucs somehow didn’t win NFC South.

Aries (3-5) and Packers (3-6) look like they can’t be saved, even having half a season to play.

So the only real threat to the Giants playoff hopes is themselves.

Daboll said that is why he has not discussed this topic with his players yet.

“We just live in the moment,” said Daboll. “At the end of the year, wherever you are, you are. I think if you lose focus on what’s important… If you get too far ahead of yourself, you will quickly come back to reality. “

So the threat only becomes real if the Giants fall and start losing to the humble Houston Texans (1-6-1) on Sunday at MetLife Stadium.

The threat only becomes real if they lose one or two in their two upcoming matches against Washington on December 4 and 18.

Even with the remaining matches against the Cowboys, Vikings and Eagles (twice), the Texans, Lions, Colts and Washington (twice), there are many opponents who can be beaten to keep the Giants pace in the first half to a place off-season.

This is what makes Sunday’s game against Houston intriguing, even if it’s not a s*xy duel: these are matches that will cement the Giants as a playoff team if they win.

Unfortunately, the week has already started ominously for Daboll’s Giants.

Boot safety Xavier McKinney reported on his return from Farewell Week without using the left hand. His injuries required surgery after a field accident in Cabo, Mexico.

The the full extent of McKinney’s injuries is still unknown. He claimed to have only broken a few fingers but couldn’t say if he would be able to play again this season.

This likely means coordinator Wink Martindale will have three rookies on his 11-man defending Sunday: First Round player Kayvon Thibodeaux on edge, 5th round player Micah McFadden with a weak side and fourth round Dane Belton who is safe.

Martindale admitted that McKinney’s injury will have an impact. But it was up to the Giants, he said, whether failure dictated their fate.

“I think there will be an effect,” said Martindale. “It could be a good or bad effect. We’ll find out. I always talk to my defense lawyers about it [how] we control the narrative of every situation. … I think we’ve done a good job so far, for the most part. This is just another injury that we will have to deal with.

McKinney’s defeat could be felt immediately, in part because Houston is more competitive than his 1-6-1 record.

Quarterback Davis Mills is a capable passer despite only leading Texans to 16.6 points per game.

This season, he has been thrown 240 yards or more four times, including 302 yards against the Las Vegas Raiders. And he tossed two TD passes in four out of eight games.

The Daboll giants aren’t talented or better enough to step into the stadium every week and just win, regardless of their opponent’s record. They know it.

They know that Houston Lovie Smith’s squad ends up saying goodbye as they play Week 9 football on Thursday night.

And they know the Texans were just four points ahead of the unbeaten Philadelphia Eagles in this game, heading into the fourth quarter before losing 29-17.

Daniel Jones insisted that the Giants would not overlook Houston. Daboll knows he has Saquon Barkley – third in the NFL with 779 yards running – battling the NFL’s worst defender in Houston (allowed 180.6 yards per game).

Look for a lot more of the “Power” series from Offensive Coordinator Mike Kafka like that last ride in Jacksonville?with the still dropping O-line riders Evan Neal and Ben Bredeson.

“I think they are a good team,” said Jones. “They do a lot of good things on the defensive side of the ball. They have a lot of good players, a good sound scheme. Everyone in this league is good. We have to play our best game.

The best Giants will beat Houston. Anything less is less likely to be a catastrophe.


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