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The government acknowledged that only 20 foreign lorry drivers had their visas processed.

A top government official has revealed that only about 20 applications for temporary visas for foreign lorry drivers have been processed during the UK supply chain crisis.

Conservative party Shared chair Oliver Duden. Admittedly, the UK has been able to attract a “relatively limited” number of heavy goods vehicle (HGV) drivers from abroad.

The minister said the government has received about 300 applications from foreign drivers, but only more than 20 hollers have been processed and are now on the roads.

Duden told LBC Radio: “We have 300 people who have applied for these visas. I’m sure the number is just over 20 who got them and are on the road. I hope they The number will increase over time.

Surprised, LBC host Nick Ferrari said the success rate in attracting foreign drivers was “disappointing”, adding: “For that you will be expelled from school.”

Duden said the ministers were “not in the business of setting arbitrary targets” because they defended the government’s reluctance to bring in tough foreign drivers.

Asked to what extent the government will meet the shortage of 100,000 HGV drivers by Christmas, he told BBC Radio 4. Today Program: “We are not in the business of setting arbitrary goals.”

The Tory Chair added: “What I can assure you is that the government is putting pressure on everyone and the government is committed to ensuring that we increase the capacity of HGV drivers through various measures. Will do. “

Alistair Carmichael, a spokesman for Lab Dams’ Home Affairs, said it was “surprising” that only 20 drivers from abroad were on British roads under the temporary scheme.

“The government needs to repeal its arbitrary laws that ban lorry drivers as ‘unskilled’ and take visa applications away from the home office so that their speedy and A fair decision could be made. ”

This comes at a time when toy store owners are warning consumers to “buy now” to avoid the disappointment of Christmas amid fears that the ongoing supply chain woes could lead to higher prices and empty shelves. Will

The major shipping company Maersk has said it is moving ships away from British ports due to cargo construction, citing a shortage of HGV drivers.

Asked about the potential shortage of Christmas, Dodden said: “Things are getting better, I’m sure people will be able to buy their own toys for Christmas.

The Tory MP added: “Some people buy too early for Christmas, my wife is an early Christmas buyer, others buy later. I would say buy as you usually do.

The government announced earlier this month that it would introduce a visa scheme for about 5,000 foreign food wholesale drivers – which could come in late October – in a disappointing bid to avoid chaos during the festival by the end of February. Will be extended to

About 300 drivers were immediately encouraged to come to the UK and allowed to stay until the end of March.

Duden also defended Boris Johnson’s decision to take a holiday at a Spanish villa this week, as Britain faces energy shortages and difficulties recruiting drivers.

“I have worked with three prime ministers and I can assure you that there is no such thing as a sixth prime minister,” he said. Good morning uk. “I know the prime minister will be there and working and dealing with the ongoing problems in the UK.”

The Tory chair added: “So this is just a short break and he will be back in the UK and I look forward to seeing him this weekend.”

Labor leader Care Starmer, who visited the Mantra Learning HGV Driver Training Center in Middleton on Tuesday, called for an “absolutely expected” shortage of lorry drivers.

Starr got behind a big wheel and hit the fence during his trip, the driving instructor told the Labor leader: “You would have failed your test.”

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