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The government has allowed more foreign butchers to come to the UK to prevent large-scale pig slaughter.

Boris JohnsonThe government is ready to allow more foreigners. Butcher Arriving on temporary visas to work in the UK to prevent a large number of British people. Pigs.

The environment minister said the announcement of visa rules was “close” to tackling the acute shortage of butchers in the pig industry.

Tory Minister Lord Bennon told the House of Lords that the government’s planned measures would help butchers “fill” the deficit.

Zoe Davis, chief executive of the National Pig Association (NPA), said. Free She was “hopeful” that the government would relax language laws so that hundreds of skilled butchers could come to Britain faster.

He warned: “We need people in a short time – we don’t have months. It’s about getting a backlog of pigs from the fields. As long as they help people stop killing animals on the fields.” Do

It has been warned that up to 1.5 million pigs could be destroyed as a shortage of skilled butchers and meat processing workers has created a backlog of animals ready for slaughter.

Industry leaders say they face a severe and urgent shortage of about 1,000 butchers, which is needed to prevent mass killings.

“We hope something comes out today or tomorrow, and we hope it goes well. We’ll have to wait and see,” Ms. Davis said.

He added: “It’s not about wages, because skilled butchers are over 25,000. We are hoping for a relaxation of the English level and the bureaucracy required for these visas. ۔

Farmers, meat processors and the government-appointed supply chain Tsar Sir Davis Lewis discussed resolving the crisis on Monday.

The NPA said industry leaders had sought government help through a scheme called Private Storage Aid (PSA) – which provides funds for pigs slaughtered in private cold stores – but said they Knows whether the government will agree or not.

Challenged by Labor over government plans, Tory front bench Lord Bennon promised steps to address the labor gap.

Citing labor issues in the industry, the colleague said: “I had hoped to come to the House with an announcement – it’s close.”

He added: “Ministers and officials who have promised to help the industry get back on its feet have worked hard, adding:” There is a deficit of 800 to 1,000 butchers that we have to fill. Want. ”

“This is mainly because, at the end of the quaid ban, many overseas workers returned home and we are looking for ways to bring back a large number of them.”

The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has been contacted for comment.

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