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The government has warned that Britain’s industry could be “shut down” this winter due to gas shortages.

The founder of the manufacturing giant Aeneas has warned that high gas prices will continue throughout the winter and that the UK industry could be forced to “shut down” if supplies run out.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe said the shortage of gas reserves has weakened the nation – warning the government that severe cold could lead to a massive shutdown as demand is out of supply.

Appearing on ITV. PistonAsked if the country could be shut down due to the long cold, the industrialist replied: “Yes, in that case, what would you do if you shut down the industry?”

Sir Jim added: “I think it’s very difficult to predict how long this kind of situation will continue, but you know I think if you were a batsman you would think that At least winter will pass because obviously our demand for gas increases in winter.

He comes as Chancellor. رشی سنک۔ The government appears to be lowering the level of government support for raising gas prices – saying “it’s not the government’s job” to manage prices.

Speaking in Washington after attending the G7 Finance Ministers, Sink said: “We are ready to work with the business and help them as needed.”

The chancellor added: “But in general I believe in a market economy, because it has served us very well in this country. It is not the government’s job to come and manage the price of each individual product.

Sink is ready to test the “value for money” test to support the steel sector and other major energy consumers. Financial Times..

Urging the government to provide short-term subsidies, major manufacturers, such as steel and chemical manufacturers, have warned that they could have to shut down plants this winter if energy levels remain high.

Energy experts also warn that severe cold could force Britain to cut off commercial energy supplies – shutting down factories for three days in the 1970s.

Sir Jim urged Sink to provide adequate support to ensure that “the UK economy cannot be kept in check because we have not managed our gas situation very well”.

The UK has 10 days of reserves, said the founder of Aeneas – labeling the figure “really pathetic for a nation as a UK” is four or five times that amount in continental countries.

“Four years ago when we had, if you remember, animals from the East, we were in the UK within a day or two of running out of gas,” Sir Jim said.

“If we ran out of gas it would be a disaster, you know, the old people who couldn’t heat the house, for the industry that had to shut down. But we were within a few days, and we Made it clear

Labor leader Sir Kerr Sturmer said the government should “come out of hiding” and work with business on the issue. “She is OK. As other countries step in and act, the UK lags behind with astonishing satisfaction.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) said ministers and officials were working with industry to “further understand and reduce the impact of global gas prices.”

Sink, meanwhile, insisted that despite the ongoing supply chain crisis, “a good amount of Christmas presents will be available” this year.

Due to the construction of cargo at Felix Stowe, the shipping company Maersk has chosen to remove the ships from the port of Suffolk, while similar loads have been seen elsewhere in the world, including in the United States.

“We’re doing everything we can to address some of these challenges,” Sink said. “They are global in nature so we can’t solve every problem but I’m sure there will be a good supply of goods for everyone.”

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