A man who is about to marry has been praised for his tough stance against the meddling mother, forbidding her upcoming wedding.

The groom made a difficult decision after his mother walked behind the couple’s backs and invited the father of the separated bride to the wedding.

He gained a ton of support after sharing his account of what happened to Reddit, but one expert urged to be careful when it comes to refusing to invite someone to a wedding.

Planning a wedding can be both costly and stressful. In fact, a study commissioned by Stillwhite.com and conducted by OnePoll found that the experience was so overwhelming that about six out of 10 couples who got married in 2021 were seriously considering fleeing.

File picture of an elderly woman arguing with a man and a woman – the future groom decided to reject his mother from the wedding.
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Sending the groom to Reddit under the handle Independent_Foot8485 he may also reconsider his options after what happened in the run-up to his big day.

According to a social media post, while both he and his fiancée are in the right place and looking forward to getting married, his mom’s actions have made things difficult.

The bride has not spoken to her father since she was 15 and “even before he played an important role in her life” after years of abuse.

As a result, the bride did not plan to invite him to the wedding. However, his mother, a retired psychologist, felt she would benefit from “reuniting the children with their parents.”

Despite emphasizing that the bride’s dad “was not supposed to know anything about my financial life, nor would he be welcome in the vicinity of the wedding” during the family dinner, her mother revealed that she had contacted him and invited him to the wedding.

Her son was furious, telling her it was “wrong” and said that she had hurt his fiancée “by crossing the only line she had ever had.”

Disturbed by her behavior, he decided to send his mother there from the wedding, and soon after the couple left. This decision left his mother “inconsolable” and desperate to make amends, while his family felt his decision was “too drastic”.

But since his future wife is concerned about the prospect of her dad showing up on this big day, the groom doesn’t want to change his mind.

However, label writer Karen Cleveland insisted on caution when it comes to refusing to invite someone to a wedding. Cleveland said Newsweek: “Inviting someone to a wedding should not be taken lightly. I expect it would change the terms of the relationship. “

For Cleveland, clear, honest and respectful communication is key to making the process run as expected. She said, “If anyone is considering picking up someone from their wedding, it should be done with respect and tact, in the most personal way – in person or over the phone.”

However, for this particular Reddit post, many online felt that the groom was right to act as ruthless as he is. “She may be a retired psychologist, but she showed the emotional intelligence of soggy bread,” said CrystalQueen3000. “What a tremendous breach of your fiancée’s boundaries.”

“This kind of betrayal would have been enough for me to consider breaking contact with my mom,” StrongBlueBerry5432 added. “It wasn’t just a small mistake or oversight. It was a deliberate action to cross the boundaries and push through a program that you clearly defined, you and your fiancée do not want to follow. “

Meanwhile, Agreeable-Celery811 suggested they just ran away. “You can tell your mother that she has turned the idea of ​​the whole wedding into a terrible situation for both of you and that you are just going to get married and repair the damage and sense of security,” they wrote.

Newsweek contacted Independent_Foot8485 for comment but could not verify the details.

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