UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Tuesday delivered a grim assessment of the state of the planet as world leaders flock to New York for the annual traffic-choking General Assembly, saying nations are “trapped in a colossal global dysfunction.”

Citing enormous, hard-to-solve problems such as climate change, conflict and inequality, Guterres said at the opening session of the General Assembly that worsening misfortunes posed a greater threat to the planet and the world’s population than ever before.

“Our world is in danger – and paralyzed,” said Guterres.

As President Biden prepared to run for the annual meeting of presidents, kings, and dictators, Guterres also said he hoped for progress.

“Let us work as one, as a coalition of the world, as the United Nations,” he encouraged the leaders gathered in the huge hall of the General Assembly.

The 77th General Assembly of world leaders is overshadowed by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which is not very promising.

It unleashed a global food crisis and opened gaps between major powers in a way unheard of since the Cold War.

For New Yorkers, the remainder of the week will be marked by headache road closures as nearly 150 heads of state and government fly east of Manhattan.

At Monday’s meeting promoting the UN’s 2030 goals – including ending extreme poverty, ensuring quality education for all children and achieving gender equality – Guterres said the many pressing threats in the world made it “tempting to put aside our long-term development priorities. “


But the head of the UN said that some things cannot wait – including education, decent jobs, full equality between women and girls, comprehensive health care and action to combat the climate crisis. He called for public and private finance and investment, and most of all for peace.

The d*ath of British Queen Elizabeth II and her funeral in London on Monday, attended by many world leaders, caused a last-minute headache at a high-level meeting.

The global assembly, known as the General Debate, was completely virtual in 2020 due to the pandemic and hybrid in 2021. This year, the 193-member General Assembly returns to its personal speeches.

Traditionally, Brazil will be the first to speak, as it has been doing for almost eight decades.

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