The House of Representatives passed a bill on Wednesday to prevent the repetition of the sad saga of denial of the 2020 and 2021 elections, in which former President Donald Trump and his supporters tried to overturn the results of the competition.

Representatives Liz Cheney (Republican Wyo.) And Democrat Zoe Lofgren (D-California) introduced HR 8873 on Monday. Two days later, nine members of the GOP Congress joined their colleagues across the corridor to vote to strengthen provisions in the Electoral Accounts Act. 1887 and the implementation of new regulations that made it difficult to challenge the results of elections at the state and federal levels.

A similar bill was prepared in the Senate in July.

It was not clear when the Senate would adopt the law, although an equally divided chamber is not expected to pass the law.

Cheney and Lofgren are members of the US House of Representatives Special Committee to investigate the January 6 att*ck on the United States Capitol. Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, the only Republican to sit alongside Cheney on this committee, also joined the 229-strong majority supporting the bill against the 203 members of his party who opposed it.

According to CNN, the current version of the House bill makes opposing the certification of electoral votes a bit more difficult than the Senate version. Both bills will increase the number of lawmakers needed to raise objections and reduce the grounds on which to pose these challenges.

Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) reportedly expressed optimism that both houses of Congress would find a compromise. Cheney also noticed the consistency of the bills.

Under the proposed rules, only candidates on top of the presidential lists will be able to challenge the state’s certification of his votes. Their objections will be heard by the judiciary. Both bills reaffirm that the vice president would not have the power to reject any state’s election plans, a subject of debate after President Biden won the 2020 presidential election.


The law was introduced after the siege of the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, when Trump’s loyalists struggled to keep the 45th president in office after his election defeat.

He pressed then-vice-president Mike Pence not to recognize the electoral votes of some states. The Indiana Republican opposed these efforts, provoking the anger of Trump and his die-hard followers.

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