A huge capsule of killer whales was filmed, surrounding a fishing trawler at night in search of a free meal.

Video posted on TikTok on October 20 via Handle rakebass7shows a huge group of killer whales, also known as killer whales, appearing at the surface of the sea around a large fishing boat.

The the movie has been watched 3.4 million times on TikTok and was re-uploaded to Reddit, where he received 8.2k. votes for.

“There’s something a little scary about it. I think it’s because if they wanted to, those orcs could really screw up. Beautiful animals. A little scary!” one Reddit user commented.

Another said, “I would be terribly terrified. I’ve never seen so much in one place. “

It’s unclear where the movie was shot, but you can see dozens of little fish in the water around the boat.

And that’s probably why the killer whales have gathered there, said David Lusseau, professor of sustainable marine development at the Technical University of Denmark. Newsweek.

Stock photo shows killer whales swimming underwater with a large group of fish. A huge capsule of killer whales was filmed, surrounding a fishing trawler at night in search of a free meal.
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“What an amazing sight this movie is! So it looks like killer whales are preying on fish escaping and thrown away during the towing process on the boat, ”said Lusseau. “What an amazing experience it must have been to see so many killer whales in one place.”

While it is uncertain where the recording was recorded, Lusseau said the fish in the water could be herring. In that case, the video was probably shot outside of Norway.

It is estimated that about 3,000 orcs live in the Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. They are most often found in Norwegian waters from November to January.

This is not the first time this behavior has been observed in orcs.

“It’s common in fisheries and dolphin species: it’s basically an easy meal, and the killer whales take advantage of it,” said Lusseau. “In some cases this can become problematic when, for example, animals are trying to get fish that are in nets while fishing or on hooks.

“Dolphins can be accidentally injured or caught, and fishing equipment can be damaged or destroyed; not to mention the loss of fish by fishermen. ‘

Orcs are very intelligent animals. They travel in pods and rarely drift apart. Scientists have observed that orcs adopt certain behaviors that seem unique to their capsule.

It has been known that killer whales have sometimes used hooks to catch an easy meal since the mid-1990s. However, recent research at Australia’s Deakin University has shown how quickly this behavior can be learned and spread to orc populations.

“Killer whales are often associated with fishing boats and pull fish out of their nets when hauled in,” said Peter Evans, director of the Sea Watch Foundation for the protection of cetaceans. Newsweek.

“In fall and winter, some of the key areas where this is happening include the North North Sea, northwest and northeast of the Shetland Islands, and west of Norway as far as the Arctic (except Lofoten),” Evans said. “Sometimes killer whales can count more than 100 animals, attracted by the protein-rich fish stock.”

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