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The IMF board has allowed Kristalina Georgieva to remain in office.

Washington (AP) – International Monetary Fund In response to the allegations, he expressed “complete confidence” in his managing director on Tuesday. World Bank The staff was pressured to change business ratings. China Trying to please Beijing

Of IMFThe 24-member executive board said in a statement that its review “did not conclude that the managing director, Kristalina Georgieva., Played an inappropriate role. They Former role as a senior official of World Bank.

“After looking at all the evidence presented, the Executive Board reaffirms its full confidence in the Managing Director’s ability to lead and continue effectively. They Duties, “he said.

However, he said he was investigating possible mismanagement. World Bank Staff continued and the United States, IMFK’s largest shareholder said it intends to closely monitor further investigations into the issue.

Georgia In response to a report, he denied any wrongdoing. They Contributed to pressuring staff to modify data affecting business climate ratings. China And other nations

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen spoke. Georgia The report “raises legitimate concerns and concerns,” the Treasury Department said in a statement.

However, the Treasury agreed that “there is no basis for change in the absence of further direct evidence regarding the role of the Managing Director. IMF Leadership. ”

Yellen said it was important to defend his integrity. IMF And World Bank.

“The United States believes that proactive steps must be taken to strengthen the integrity and credibility of data. IMF, And that the organization and its leadership must renew their commitment to maintaining transparency and whistleblowing concerns around policies, research and analysis to provide accountability and public oversight on key decisions.

Of IMF He said late Friday he was seeking more “clear details” in his investigation and the board met again. Georgia on Sunday.

Georgia He appeared before a panel for more than five hours after a presentation by law firm Wilmer Hale last week. They and others World Bank Officials pressured staff to change the data.

The law firm’s report indicated. World Bank Closing the Doing Business Annual Report. China And other countries used it to attract foreign business investment.

The incident prompted critics to confront him. China, The world’s second largest economy, has a huge influence on international financial institutions.

190 people. IMF And World Bank Annual meetings are being held this week. Washington And the controversy surrounding the Doing Business report was threatening to cast a shadow over the agenda of those meetings.

Georgia She is only the second woman to head. IMF, To Christine Lagarde, who left him two years ago. IMF Becoming the head of the European Central Bank.

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