The Internet Laughed At The Half-Sister At The Bride’s Engagement Party!

Members of a popular internet forum cheered when a woman revealed how she tricked her prickly half-sister into wearing a gorgeous wedding gown to a costume party.

In a viral Reddit post published on r/pettyrevenge, Redditor u/obsnotmain (otherwise referred to as the original poster, or OP) said that he had been alerted that his half-sister was planning to upstage him at their engagement party. but told how a little quick thinking stopped the diabolical plan in its path.

The headline, “My half-sister wanted to appear in a wedding dress at my engagement party, so I changed the theme of the party to fit right in!” Post Over 33,000 votes and 1,500 comments have been received in the last seven hours.

Writing that the two women are the same age, the original poster stated that the pair have always had a bad relationship, in large part requiring her half-sister to “one up” her at every turn.

But before their recent engagement party, the original poster said that they were told about another attention-grabbing plot and decided that was enough.

“My cousin hit me up saying he had to show me something. It was a picture of the dress [my half sister] was going to wear [to the party]The OP wrote, “This dress… can only be described as gorgeous. It was long and white. Strapless… I’m pretty sure it was a wedding dress.”

“It drove me really crazy. So I decided… f**k that,” the OP continued.

In a flash, the original poster states that she texted each of the party guests, but her half-sister tells them she’s scrapping the party’s dress code in favor of a full-blown, Halloween-esque costume party. Was getting it done.

Noting that her mother’s side of the family was immediately at odds with the idea, the original poster objected to her father’s side, but was all but disappointed on the day of the party.

“Guests start showing up. Most of them are in costumes,” wrote the OP. “As soon as [my half sister] Noticed that everyone was either wearing elaborate outfits or weird accessories and she didn’t stand out, she lost it.”

“Especially when my fiancé came along and told her ‘her bridal dress looked amazing for a cheap dress,'” Opie continued. “She left crying and her mother and my father told me I was childish.”

Weddings as well as all the festivities that accompany them are meant to celebrate two loving partners. But for some, having just two stars of the show is not an option.

On the Internet, wedding forums including The Knot, Wedding Bee and Wedding Wire are filled with nightmare stories of jealous wedding guests and their attempts to commandeer at least a portion of the attention on the happy couple.

But of the many accounts of these jealous incidents, the tales of the sisters’ brides seeking attention are the most intense.

In a forum post on The Knot, one bride said her younger sister got engaged just to prove that she could squeeze a bigger and better ring out of her fiancé.

At Wedding Bee, a bride accused her sister of getting a massive (and very visible in a bridesmaid dress) tattoo that was not the name of the maid of honor and, on Wedding Wire, another bride. assures that her elder sister is running to get married in front of him, only to say that she had done it before.

In each of these cases, the brides also made it clear that their sisters’ respective behaviors were intentional and, like the original poster’s half-sister, were examples of more patterns and not standalone incidents.

However, while marriage outlet A Practical Wedding advises that brides in similar circumstances take the “adult route” by having a heart-to-heart conversation with their sisters about why their sabotage attempts are harmful, sometimes the “adult route” is simply a There is no option.

Members of Reddit’s r/AmITheA**hole forum applauded a would-be bride who changed the dress code of her engagement party after learning of her half-sister’s plot to steal the show.
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Despite her father’s insistence that the prank on her half-sister was childish, Redditors responded to the original poster by applauding the bride for taking her own hands, even if it meant treating her engagement party like Halloween.

Acknowledging her fiancé’s joke that her half-sister’s dress looked like a “cheap dress,” Redditor u/paulfromatlanta speculated that the jab bodes well for the couple’s married life.

“So he’s a keeper,” he wrote, garnering more than 8,000 votes. “Excellent petty revenge.”

“His comment was the icing on the cake,” said Redditor u/ZomdyMom. “very nice.”

Redditor u/Terra88draco, whose comment has received over 6,500 votes, assured the OP that his prank was justified and called out his half-sister for such a distraught response.

He wrote, “I can’t understand how a 24-year-old girl stopped crying because she wasn’t the center of attention at someone else’s engagement party.” “And you’re not childish.”

In a separate comment, which garnered over 1,000 votes, Redditor u/Great-Pop643 commended the original poster but advised him to take more concrete action to prevent something like this from happening in the future.

“What you did was so short, I love it!” they shouted. ,[But] Please tell me that you refused him for the rest of your marriage after that.”

“Sacred to all of you love, don’t let this girl attend your wedding,” echoed Redditor u/JustineDelarge.

newsweek Contacted u/obsnotmain for comment.

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