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The judge asked the DOJ to investigate the January 6 treatment at DC Jail.

A federal judge in the district on Wednesday called on the Justice Department to investigate allegations that DC prison staff violated the rights of detainees on charges related to the January 6 capital riots.

According to NBC News, U.S. District Judge Rice Lambert commented that DC Department of Correction Director Quincy Booth and Warden Wanda Patten were insulted.

Prison officials could face civil penalties for allegedly failing to comply with court orders, which require them to provide defendant Chris Worrell with a medical record, which the doctor recommended surgery in June. The crew later failed to properly fix their broken arm.

The news agency quoted Judge Lambert as saying he would refer the case to US Attorney General Merck B. Garland to determine if the prison capital was violating the rights of rioters.

Mr Whirl is accused of using chemical sprays on police during the Capitol riots. He pleaded not guilty to assaulting a police officer on Wednesday and obstructing the certification of the Congress presidential election.

The Justice Department has so far charged more than 600 people for their role in the Capital riots. Some have complained of harsh treatment of prison staff and fellow inmates.

The Washington Times sent a request for comment to the DC Department of Correction and the Justice Department on Wednesday.

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