Federal judge threw a lawsuit Friday from parents who accused Attorney General Merrick Garland of restricting freedom of speech, saying the group had misunderstood a note regarding increased bullying against schools.

In 2021, Garland issued a note addressing “the worrying rise in bullying, intimidation and threats of violence” in schools. The note sparked months of backlash and false claims that the Attorney General considered parents concerned about education policy “domestic terror*sts.”

In an attempt to stop the Justice Department from enforcing the memo, a group of Virginia and Washington parents sued Garland, claiming that the memo tried to silence parents who were lawfully protesting the “harmful, immoral, and racist leftist policies of” progressive “in their local schools.

Federal judge Dabney Friedrich, appointed by former President Donald Trump, ruled the memo little more than announcing a “series of measures” that ordered federal authorities to address growing threats against school board members, teachers and other school staff.

“AG’s alleged policy is not regulatory, prescriptive or mandatory as it does not impose any laws, requirements or enforcement actions on individuals,” wrote Friedrich. “None of the documents claimed by plaintiffs make a policy poses a direct threat to future legal action against anyone, much less plaintiffs.”

Friedrich noted that the note only dealt with threats of violence and made it clear that parents had the right to “a lively debate on political matters.” The note “does not identify anyone as a domestic terror*st,” said Friedrich.

The verdict is the latest in a relentless campaign supported by some right-wing media i republican politicianscomplaining that the Department of Justice wanted to punish parents for attending or protesting at school board meetings.

Republicans of the Judiciary House Garland asked last October withdrew the memo and forced him to explain the memo during public hearings.

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