On the eve of Twitter’s deal, Elon Musk entered the company’s San Francisco headquarters two weeks ago carrying the kitchen sink, sparking a global “why ???”

I just wanted to know if the sink has a single or a double sink. This was the subject of a raging debate in my home. I wanted a kitchen sink with one large sink. My husband, DC, wanted the sink to be split in two and the debate went on to become a partitioned house.

Our 20 year old stainless steel sink that came with the house has two basins, a small one on the left with a spout and a larger one on the right. DC likes this arrangement. He can scrape and rinse on one side, and wash on the other. I would prefer to have one large tub that can fit a turkey or a small dog pan.

– Look – I argue – even Elon Musk has a sink with one basin.

“I’m sure Elon Musk doesn’t wash the dishes,” said DC, referring to the fact that although I cook, he does most of the dishes. So this is it.

Nevertheless, I am looking for a second opinion – from my designer, stone countertop installer and two water supply sellers who installed a byillion kitchen together. Result: 4-0 in favor of one pool.

A straw poll on Facebook shows that two out of three voters are in favor of a kitchen sink with one sink, although both camps had staunch defenders. Here’s a sample: “One large, deep, single sink. My husband changed ours to double ones and I never forgave him for it ”and“ I bought a house with one big farmhouse sink. I’ve always preferred the 70/30 split. Fast forward: I love the big sink and will never go back. “

I share my findings with DC, whose answer is: “I’m the one who does the dishes. I like the shared sink. If you want one sink, you can start washing the dishes. “

I let it happen.

Since choosing a sink is about more than deciding whether to have one or two sinks, DC and I decide to agree on what we can agree to and temporarily discuss the sink debate. Meanwhile, Millenia Bath owner of Florida, Dennis Twomey, who has been selling sinks and faucets for over 30 years, has guided me through other factors to consider when choosing the most used sink for your home:

Size: Most sinks have a cabinet underneath that determines how large the sink can be. Measure the dimensions inside the side-to-side and front to back-standing cupboard to make sure the sink will fit. And at the level of the countertop, leave enough space next to the sink for preparing food or arranging dishes.

Placement: Under the sink, make a note of where the drain and disposal will go, as well as the soap dispenser or filtered water system if you add them. These items, along with the depth of the kitchen sink, will have an impact on how much useful storage space will remain.

Mounting Type: Recessed, suspended or front sinks are the three most common options. If you are replacing an existing inset (or overmount) sink and not replacing the countertop, you will need a different overmount sink. However, if you’re building from scratch or replacing the countertop, consider suspending. It looks more elegant and is easier to clean. Front sinks, which have a panel extending to the front edge of the cabinet, are popular, especially in country style kitchens.

Accessories: If you’re installing a new countertop, installers will need to know how many holes to cut around the sink for the faucet. This will depend on the configuration of the faucet handle and additional features such as the garbage ejection button, soap dispenser, or the filtered water faucet.

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