‘The Last Kingdom’ season 5 cast shares touching tribute to Netflix show

It’s a pity that. the story of the last kingdom And Babenberg’s Uhtred (played by Alexander Dremen) on Netflix is ​​almost out. The gripping historical series came to an end theatrically with a fifth and final outing this month on Netflix after a nearly two-year wait. There is an upcoming spin-off film titled Seven kings must die, Adaptation of the last three books, titled The Saxon Stories novel series by Bernard Cornwell War of the Wolf, Sword of Kings, And War Lord.

Sadly, not all of the show’s characters will return for the spin-off, but regardless, several cast members are paying tribute to the show in a series of Instagram posts. newsweek It has everything you need to know about his touching tribute.

Babenberg’s Alexander Dreimon aka Uhtred

the last kingdom Lead star, Draiman, is posting a series of behind-the-scenes images of his time the last kingdom as well as some behind the scenes photos from the time of their filming Seven kings must die.

Monday, March 21 while filming is underway seven kings must die Wrapped up in Budapest, Hungary, Draiman posts a lengthy tribute to his time the last kingdom, Telling fans on Instagram He was “exhausted and overwhelmed with gratitude.”

He wrote: “This is a rap on @thelastkingdom, on Seven Kings Must Die, and on Uhtred’s son Uhtred. As you can tell, I’m a little out of it, exhausted and overwhelmed. With gratitude for all of them Overwhelmed who’ve gotten it. We’ve got to this point…our cast and crew, @carnivalfilms and @nbcuniversal, and, of course, all of you. Thank you @netflix for allowing us to travel to Babenberg and beyond For.

“I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to be in Uhtred’s skin part-time for so many years. From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.”

Millie Brady aka Ethelfeld

on the day of the last kingdom Released, Millie Brady, who plays Ethelflaed, shared some behind-the-scenes photos of herself and the cast on Instagram The Last Kingdom.

with series of images, Brady wrote: “There’s no better bunch than this cute bunch. The final season of @thelastkingdom is out today. I love these guys with all my heart and that’s been the biggest gift on this show. #destinyisall.”

Sadly, Brady’s presence is highly unlikely death of seven kings After his character died of illness in the final season. On the other hand, there is a possibility that she may appear in the spin-off film as a flashback.

James Northcott aka AldHelmo

James Northcote, who played Aldelam sharing a lot of pictures of his time The Last Kingdom.

In particular, he paid tribute to his wife and the crew of the last kingdom And to the families of the cast and crew for their support ahead of the show’s premiere.

He wrote: “Last week was a great time to share some behind-the-scenes photos of me doing @thelastkingdom story takeover. Thanks to everyone who came out. This photo is of @libbyjhopper, the wife of my tireless partner who is Went to Budapest after me. Season to work on the show with me so we didn’t have to spend 8 months apart.

“First a huge thank you to the production for supporting us. Second when you watch Season 5 on Wednesday don’t forget the family and friends who have supported the cast, crew and creatives in making the show. One of the friends behind us Group and family bigger than the biggest hillside wall you’ve ever seen. 2 days to go #thelastkingdom #Season5 #thelast Season.”

Elijah Butterworth aka Queen Ellswith of Wessex

Elijah Butterworth, who . Has starred in all five seasons of the last kingdomNot only did he reflect on his time on the show and paid tribute to the cast, he especially praised his co-star Draemon, describing him as “our warrior, our legend, our lord Uhtred”.

With a series of images of Dremen and artists, Butterworth wrote: “Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the production of this show since 2014! The hard work, talent, talent and love of all of our crew, production and cast is what made this show so special. .and our warriors, Thank you very much @alexander.dreymon for being our legend, our lord Uhtred. You blew us all away!!!! Your talent knows no bounds! We were so honored to be directed in episode 2 of this final season By you. Such a special moment- We are amazed by you and everything you have done!! What an incredible journey it has been! I love you TLK family! You know what I am going to say now…. … luck is everything.”

Hopefully, this is not what Butterworth’s final fans have seen, as his character was one of the few to survive in the final series.

At the end of the last kingdom In Season 5, Elswith plans to move to Babenberg with Edith (Stephanie Martini).

Mark Rowley aka Finan

Mark Rowley, who played Uhtred’s sidekick Finan, was also one of several actors in the last kingdom To pay tribute to our fellow cast members and time in the show.

Recently, she shared a video and some pictures of herself in what would have been her last day on the sets. the last kingdom Season 5.

Along with the post, he wrote, “My last day on the set playing finale…

“6+ years playing this Irish warrior has been an absolute pleasure. Thanks, TLK for the wonderful memories, lifelong friendships, and some of the most hilarious moments I have experienced so far in this journey called life.
@thelastkingdom @thelastkingdom.tlktv @netflix #thelastkingdom – Huge shout out to my brothers on and off-screen (Team Uhtred) @alexander.dreymon @arnasfederman @samuelsson_magnus @cavanclerkin @harrygilby and Ewan Mitchell. Luck is everything…”

the last kingdom Now streaming on Netflix.

The Last Kingdom will return with the Netflix film, Seven Kings Must Die.

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