The long queue of big empty shops is increasing in the retail park, which has lost six big names in two years.

The retail park that has lost six big names in just two years is set to make up for another vacant large unit as one of its tenants has moved elsewhere in the park.

Parc Trostre at lanelli has lost major retailers such as Outfitters, Debenhams, Clarks and Next, all leaving behind large empty and unfinished stores.

It has now been confirmed that renowned travel agency company TUI, despite relocating to another part of the park, will move out of its larger unit next to a long queue of other empty shops.

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It is set to open to the public on December 3, 2021, and a planning application suggests it will be located next to the fast food restaurant, Subway.

The new TUI store will move to a new unit in Parc Trostre, next to the subway

A TUI spokesperson said: “We can confirm that the TUI store in Parc Trostre, Llanelli is set to relocate within the same retail park. The current TUI store is set to close on November 28 and the new store is open to the public. Will open for. December 3, 2021.”

Many shops have come and gone since Parc Trostre opened, but previously there were hardly any empty units as brand new stores always went straight, although this trend seems to have changed of late.

Parc Trostre. There are three empty units next to the TUI store in

Due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and changing shopping habits, many high street stores have gone into administration, and many other companies have struggled financially.

As a result, Six household name retailers in Parc Trostre have had to close their doors, except for vacant units which have not been filled by any other retailer.

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Tui is located along with four other large vacant units, including the former Debenhams and Clarks stores.

It is not yet confirmed what will replace these vacant units, or when Tui will leave his current base.

We have contacted Parc Trostre for comment.

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