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The Mansfield business has transformed the barber industry.

Barber Plug Supply Company is coming to Grand Prairie.

(Mansfield, Texas) For barbers and hairdressers, leaving the barber shop or salon is another job.

Devante Sanders, a 26-year-old Dallas area entrepreneur, plans to change the game. He started a barber plug supply company.

“I started building relationships. Barber & Barber Shop College, “Sanders said.” They want products for them.

Sanders began his career as a senior analyst at Goldman Sachs in Dallas. It sold 1,000 in its first month, but it quickly jumped to $ 25,000 when social media influencers regularly shared the good news of Sanders’ product, which they called “Social Snowball.” ۔

Barber Plug is a black business and family business.

“You can deliver food to your door, but in the barber / beauty world, they never had that option,” Sanders said.

Barber plug logo.

Sanders has big goals.

Last month, Barber Plug sold for 23 232,000 and is valued at 3 million. The company plans to open a retail store in Grand Prairie on October 15. Sanders aims to become the largest beauty supply retailer in the United States and ultimately the wholesaler.

Her business dreams began at an early age. Her parents, Demetris and Anita Sanders, owned three subway franchises in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

“After school, my sister and I will go to the Subway Restaurant and stay there until it’s closed,” Sanders said.

Sanders was also an exceptional player at Bowie High School in Arlington. He received a football scholarship at Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri. The Gospel competes at the NAIA level.

Devante Sanders.

A friend of Sanders’ was playing college football in the Austin area, so he decided to transfer back. Lone Star Estate..

He formed the team at Texas State University, a member of the NCAA Division I Sunbelt Conference.

Sanders made the heartbreaking decision to give up his favorite sport to pursue a master’s degree in accounting.

“It was my first big man’s decision, and it worked,” Sanders said.

Sanders graduated from Texas State in five years, with a master’s degree in 2018.

Her undergraduate grade point average was 2.9, but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams.

They Tireless network on LinkedIn. And wrote an inspiring post about his journey that was viewed 600,000 times.

Sanders’ hard work earned him a position in New York City with Deloitte, one of the top four accounting firms.

Sanders learned a lot during his tenure, but the opportunity to return to Texas drew him to Goldman Sachs.

Although he always had a business acumen, the COVID-19 epidemic caused the process to accelerate and start earlier than expected.

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