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The Mark Ridley-Thomas indictment stunned the non-political world.

Los Angeles political and community leaders were stunned. Through the crime of corruption On Wednesday, a reference was made against Mark Ridley Thomas, one of the city’s most famous and long-serving officials.

Ridley Thomas is accused of conspiring with Marilyn Louise Flynn, then dean of the USC School of Social Work, to enroll her son, Sebastian, in graduate school with a full tuition scholarship. Used to deposit money. Ridley Thomas, a paid professor, was on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors at the time. He was later elected to the City Council, representing South Los Angeles.

Neither Ridley Thomas nor his lawyer have responded to requests for comment.

Wednesday’s announcement was a startling development for a politician who has been an influential voice in city policy for three decades and the architect of regional policy on the homeless crisis.

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