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The Mill District brings luxury to the city of Heldesburg – Mercury News.

Heldsburg is located at the confluence of four great Sonoma County wine zones: Alexander Valley, known for its vibrant cabernets. Dry Creek Valley, home to upscale zenfandels and Savigan blanks; With the sunny slopes of Chalk Hill, Cabernet and Merlot. And the land of the cold foggy Russian river valley, Pinot Nair and Chardonnay.

Spacious terraces, temperature-controlled wine rooms, outdoor kitchens and dining and living areas make the perfect environment to enjoy the ultimate wine country lifestyle.

Like the wine regions around it, the town of Heldenburg is diverse. Ranked as one of the smallest cities in the United States, Heldenburg prides itself on top grocers, Michelin star restaurants, tasting rooms, art galleries, studios, culinary establishments, museums, coffee shops and much more. ۔ Surrounded by rolling hills and close to Lake Sonoma and off the coast of California, Heldsburg is also recognized globally as a cycling destination. This enchanting city offers an unparalleled experience of excellence.

What could be the best attraction of Heldesburg but so far it has broken the earth.

The Mill District, a new luxury neighborhood, will occupy the former site of a local mill that was once known for turning red wood, cedar and pine trees into the finest granular wood and wood products. In celebration of its milling history and industrial heritage, the project will incorporate strong, clean lines through the use of wood, steel, stone and glass, as well as combine both organic and modern styles in architecture.

Located inside the 15 Redwood Tree Safe Grove and connected by cobblestone walkways, the project will include luxury residences, a hotel, a pool and wellness center, shops and a restaurant.

Canopy, the first collection of residences available in the Mill District, will feature the architectural digest Top 100 Architect Olson Kundig’s innovative design. The initial 39 residences will range from studios to three-bedroom homes and will include five penthouses, the first of its kind in the wine country.

Designed with fun in mind, each home will feature sliding glass panels that frame the mountains and the historic city of Heldenburg. At the forefront of our minds today with outdoor life, Olson Kundig will focus on flowing in and out harmoniously through the use of open spaces and indoor and outdoor chef grade kitchens. The premium finish will combine modern luxury with a vibrant, inviting atmosphere and offer state-of-the-art Miele appliances that prioritize innovation and durability as well as a wine room.

With this modern community at the heart of Heldesburg, the Mill district will undoubtedly be known as the landmark gateway to the Wine Country. The first 39 residences are now available for purchase, starting at 925,000. Special sales and marketing for this project will be handled by Sotheby’s International Realty. For more information and to schedule an appointment, see

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