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The ministers were accused of making “negligent mistakes” after their daughter was wrongly expelled from Afghanistan.

Ministers have been accused of making “reckless mistakes” in capturing data on British nationals stranded in Afghanistan when they told a man in Britain that his six-year-old Daughter He was taken safely to Britain, when in fact he is still in the country.

Mr Kamal, a Manchester resident who did not want to be named, contacted his MP in late August because he was “deeply concerned” about the welfare of his Afghan wife and four British daughters. , Who were unable to board the evacuation flight. bill to.

Labor MP Afzal Khan inquired about the matter from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCDO), and on September 29 received a reply stating that the man had a daughter, who was six years old. Yes, he successfully left Afghanistan and returned to the UK, while his wife and three other daughters were still in the country.

The same correspondence also indicated that none of his daughters were registered with the FCDO in Afghanistan as British citizens, when in fact they are.

Mr Khan said that when he replied to Mr Kamal, the father of four had told him “emphatically” that the six-year-old was still in Afghanistan, and that he was “perceived to be worried” that the British government would tell him otherwise.

The Member of Parliament later wrote a letter to the Foreign Secretary. Liz Truss. It is important to know that such mistakes will not be repeated.

His letter, sent Monday, said: “While I appreciate that this has been a difficult time for your department, such reckless and reckless mistakes have been made not only by me but by Mr. Kamal and all of me. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

If such mistakes are being made, how can I or my circles be expected to share any information? In light of this incident, can you please outline what is being done to ensure that such mistakes are not repeated?

It comes amid growing concerns for British nationals who were unable to board evacuation flights from Afghanistan in August and are still stranded in the country, fearing the Taliban government.

Most were instructed to leave. Kabul Airport for evacuation Flighted in August but found they could not get close to the entrance due to thousands of people trying to flee the country.

Critics say ministers should do more to identify them and find practical ways to help evacuate them.

Mr Khan said. Free: It is ridiculous for the FCDO for a six-year-old girl to travel from Afghanistan to the UK on her own in the midst of this crisis – anyone with an ounce of common sense would question its possible truth.

“While this is just a mistake, it speaks of widespread disregard for members of parliament and their constituencies, and embraces the views of the FCDO and the Home Office during this crisis.”

The FCDO has been contacted for comment.

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