Travel times have skyrocketed on some of the busiest highways around the city following Labor Day weekend.

Traffic has increased on some roads around Boston after Labor Day weekend.

No, you can’t imagine this: the Boston traffic has gotten worse since Labor Day.

According to data from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, travel time on the busiest freeways around the city increased after the holiday weekend as commuters returned to their offices and students returned to class.

For example, drivers took about 15 minutes longer to get to Boston on Interstate 93 southbound on Wednesday morning after work, compared to just a week earlier.

According to MassDOT data provided to Boston.com, morning travel time on the Interstate 95 to Zakim Bridge section of the highway peaked at around 50 minutes on September 7, up from around 35 minutes on August 31. Average travel time during the morning rush hour on September 7 was over 32 minutes – four minutes more than the week before, according to MassDOT Mobility dashboard.

By comparison, the same ride takes about 10 minutes during off-peak hours.

Drivers on the Massachusetts Turnpike also noticed slower traffic after Labor Day; the morning rush eastbound on Interstate 90 from I-95 to I-93 peaked on September 7 at about 34 minutes, compared to about 22 minutes at the same time on August 31. 90 saw a slowdown of about seven minutes.

There were a few improvements, however: both morning and evening commuters saw less traffic after Labor Day on the I-93 section southbound between I-90 and Braintree Split. Likewise, drivers on Mass. Pike saw slightly shorter travel times in the evening rush.

On other roads, traffic has either remained the same or has slightly changed before and after Labor Day.

Traffic is nothing new to Boston drivers. After all, the Boston urban area had the fourth largest traffic in the country in 2020, after spending two years as the country’s busiest city.

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